You get what you deserve

I was somewhat critical of Joker, and maintain it has some some flaws that make it an 8/10 at best in my view. That having been said, Joker isn’t just a movie anymore. It’s a cultural phenomenon. It’s a critique of the modern world that has grown beyond the script itself.

We’ve all been sold the Fukuyama myth that since the end of World War II and rise of global liberal democracy things can only get better from here. It was the end of history - the age of the warrior, priest and philosopher supplanted by the age of the CEO. The GDP will continue to rise exponentially and everyone will be wealthier, healthier and happier than ever because of free markets and individualism and stuff.

Instead we’ve become lonely, isolated, replaceable cogs in a machine. We’ve had our churches, families and communities taken from us and replaced with dead end jobs, transient sterile sex and binge-watching.
No-one represents this meaningless urbanite existence more than FILM CRITICS. The rootless cosmopolitan elite looking down at the world from their studio apartments in Manhattan bc they work for the New York Times and have a journalism degree.

They see Joker as a threat.

Joker doesn’t have an explicitly political message. Instead it speaks to anyone who feels left behind - who didn’t get the journalism job after college, who can’t start a family, who can’t even make a friend because of the societal changes the myth of human progress has wrought.

That’s why Joker is currently the 9th highest rated film of all time on IMDB based on user reviews and sits at a 58 on Metacritic based on film journalist reviews.

They’ve been pushing the incel terror meme because their poor reviews aren’t keeping people from the theater. They will do ANYTHING to maintain the status quo.
This film sends a message they don’t want to hear - people aren’t buying the narrative anymore.


hello friend,

welcome to incelistan…

Yes the Joker stuff is annoying. But I just try to ignore the whole film thing. It really has nothing to do with involuntary celibacy.

welcome to incelistan.
I haven’t seen the film, but I’ve heard good things about it.
this isn’t the first time for the critics and the general public to disagree.
I don’t think The Joker is the smoking gun some people are looking for. having said that, it could very well be one of the many canaries in the proverbial coal mine that people have been desensitized to.
(I don’t think the movie is going to bring about some societal change)

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Nah it’s based.

I like that it triggers normies and exposes society.

(I haven’t actually seen it yet though)

Joker is one of the worst movies I have ever watched. I think it’s pathetic incels have latched onto it the way they have.

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I couldn’t get through twenty five minutes of the movie before shutting it off. I didn’t like it.

There is only one cinematic Joker and his name was Heath Ledger.

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Which was only about 5% why do incels idnetify with basically the ‘‘chads’’ of the ‘‘traditional’’ age?

I mean what does going to church really do? getting berated by some preacher saying you’re a worthless piece of crap and going to burn in hell if you masturbate sounds better than watching netflix? before 1800, if you were lucky enough to not be a slave, indentured servant, in a debtors prison, or a mental asylum for being poor and ugly (Where you got tortured to death) you lived in a small poor community, heard some preacher say you’re going to hell if you make one mistake, and your wife probably didn’t even want sex as she was probably too tired from working in the field or some shit. Wow, sounds like such a great world.

Because a lot of Incels possess characteristics that would have been valued in the distant past. And these are objectively good characteristics for the betterment of humanity. Contrast that with… competitive sports players, rappers, drug dealers, and crony capitalists.

We would be so lucky to be ruled by “philosopher kings” instead of being ruled by the lowest common denominator via the false equality of democracy.

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in my defense, i think competitive sports are healthy and natural, e-sports and gaming that is

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