You are Shylock. What method should you use to appease the requirements of the judge in Merchant of Venice?

Ok, I wrote this stuff on the other incel forum, but no-one answered. So I’ll paste the same content here hoping someone may answer this time.

We have Shylock the incel trapped in a bad situation. Basically Shylock is tricked by Portia in court.

Corrupted judge says: “If thou dost shed one drop of Christian blood, thy lands and goods are by the laws of Venice confiscate unto the state of Venice”

But I think Shakespeare was biased, so he never considered eventual Jew’s claims and described a surreal scene. The jew could have built a defense line, like a strategy.

Let’s say you are Shylock, what would you do? Accept defeat and do nothing? The corrupt law tricked you and you are just defeated? What kind of incel are you? You are supposed to fight against normies to death.

No, it’s better to find a method. You have a cutting tool, and you have to cut a precise amount of flesh without taking the blood, without spilling blood.

First off, I would have required the law to take care of the process and assign me the amount of flesh. If the corrupted law deny me that, then let’s procede with the other options. I require a poisoned knife or one with rust on it, to give tetanus to the normie. Then cut a piece of meat (possibly near the throat) then expell all the blood, give it back to the owner of the body and keep the dried flesh.

If not allowed by the corrupted judge, then I would ask to cut frozen pieces of meat (to solve the issue of spilled blood), to be more precise with the cut. So first we freeze an appendice, for example the penis and then we procede with the measurements to be as precise as possible. If even this method is denied, then I ask for a vacuum pump, to create suction and carve out flesh and blood without spilling stuff on the soil.

If the damn judge deny everything, then I accept the trial, take the poisoned cutting tool and truncate the jugular of the normie. Fuck normies.

Other ideas?