Write-in campaigns for president have requirements, but they are low and don't require sigs

I created this political party

It’d still be possible to mount a national write-in campaign for someone for president (not for myself, for someone else), but would need

  1. the person
  2. a few hundred incels across the country to file for the electoral college

as opposed to trying to get on the ballot nationally which would cost 2 million dollars and thousands of incels. write-in campaigns are much preferable

I could just start in Maryland where I live though

all I would need is like 8-10 people to file for the electoral college there, and the person to run in Maryland

Progressive Party is the party you need.

Chads and normies aren’t gonna join the incel party. Parties shouldn’t be based on identity politics.

Progressive Party was started by Teddy Roosevelt a long time ago, then collapsed. It is a legit actual party.

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that’s the green party (nowadays)

don’t wanna vote Green because Howie Hawkins had a turbo-feminist as a campaign manager last time

Green Party is not the Progressive Party dude. Green Party is corrupt and bought out party. Progressive Party collapsed a long time ago.

it’s not the same party

but it’s more or less the same in platform

greens are locally based, not bought out, I used to run candidates in the Green Party for years and was in the electoral college for the Greens in 2016

too feminist though

Greens are never going to win trust me on that.

Progressive party is the legit actual party you need.

there’s a few parties that call themselves that, including one on facebook which claims to be a US national party

some might be hoax not the legit original Prog party

they are about 1/100000th the size of the Green Party

there’s no way to be ‘the original prog party’ when all the leaders are dead

Some of the progressive party values are old and outdated, obviously I will change those to better fit the more evolved needs of society

you will?


wtf is that site lol


well for starters

improving the beauty of society. Using CRISPR dna alteration to stop the spread of truecel tier genes

I am not onboard with right-winger incels that want to force women to marry them. They already do that in India and there are still incels there.

what does ‘improve beauty in society’ mean when every ad and tv show is about beautiful women

we need an appreciation of physical forms in society which promotes removal of gender, as opposed to traditional beauty imho, but for all practical purposes that includes an appreciation for unalterable portions of the masculine form