Would you date lovely peaches?




We’re going to need more information and definitely a photo if we’re to go on anything.

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On topic:

My answer is a solid no. But there’s hope: Losing (a lot of) weight and a good makeup would make me consider asking her out.

By losing weight and applying nice makeup you could look like Rosario Dawson.



I think we can all agree she’s a good looking woman. And she’s 40!

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I don’t do black, so no, but I’m sure there are other men here that would.

I don’t mind chunky women myself as I’m not exactly skinny but overweight will always be a problem though.

Some women can pull off being chunky and still look good. I was looking at this chunky blonde yesterday and I was imagining what it would be like climbing on top of her naked buttocks or ass like a mountaineer.

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Yeah that’s right

I wish I could show the wig, I just bought. Losing weight wouldn’t change my face. Also rejected by 2 more incels.

You can! No need to show your face if you don’t feel like it.

It would make you a butterface, and I wouldn’t mind dating a girl with less-than-beautiful face as long as her body is hot – that’s a personal preference of mine but I’m sure a hot body can get you a boyfriend regardless of your face.

You right, my body looks horrible, but I’m in the hospital and I’m not allowed to exercise or diet.

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That sorry ^

What happened?

Eating disorder treatment


Do you really look like her?

More specifically, are you as fat as her?


She’s really just in the range of 110lbs-120lbs.

Yeah… First she said she looks like that whale, then said she weighs 110 lbs. Something’s strange.

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I’m scared of being doxxed

Bro I’m afraid you’re gonna dox me

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Nobody is going to doxx you, if you’re a tranny that means you’re a part of the special protected class and if somebody doxxed you that would be considered a hate crime.

If you’re a non-white tranny that would be a hate crime multiplied by two at least.

Be glad you’re not heterosexual, white, and male like the rest of us because we most certainly would get doxxed if we posted our photos.

Are you the girl in your avatar pic?