Women want men now

Will we surrender to their demands?

Saw this comment: “For anyone who feels lonely please be careful , we want to be loved but narcissistic people always target lonely and insecure people. Once you are in a relationship with someone who is incredibly selfish, gas lights you, degrades you, betrays you etc you’ll realise being alone isn’t all that bad.”

Sounds kinky. I’d still take this type of narcisso-girl in my life right now.

wow wtf. Males are more toxic (I’d say 20% of males or more are toxic) but women are more narcissistic imo. And also, how can a woman that hot (9+ looks out of 10) not know her galactic level smv? She has to, but by the the things she says she has not found “the one” (no male is good enough for her.)

Also, if 100% of males are really as toxic as the comment says, all the more reason to feminize males into femboys, but probably femcels would still act like femboys are not good enough for them and complain about that still.

Also her voice style and mannerisms sounds vaguely similar to Eliot, wonder if that means anything.

she kinda reminds me of the aryanism dot net cjux (vertical forehead.) i am not a nazi, nor am i accusing her of that, i merely mention the website to criticize them. she seems like one of those ultra aryans. i am not referring to their illogical anti-jew stance (althought being anti-circumcision/anti-trad-jew is justified) but their general attitude of being pathetic, being cjux and upholding a naive and childish view of waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect which is an antiquated product of overly romantized and no longer relevant traditions in a culture that no longer is relevant, only contributing to needless suffering and angst.

i do have a way to fix this, which will subsequently also solve all of inceldoms problems.

the fix is to brainwash women to be the ones who must flirt to males, if they like a male then the social programming will be that the woman must do the first step and flirt. I havent sorted the specific details of how the brainwashing should begin, but this would solve a lot of problems. Firstly, it would automatically ascend many incels and also there would be no more femcels believing they are stuck as femcel. Secondly, it would notify the trucels they have no actual hope and blackpill them, subsequently making them ready to accept their transification.

I mean, it’s never been tried before. Would be a good social experiment.

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She describes the way a lot of men thought about relationships before their first rejection, I doubt she’ll be single for long.

Also, this isn’t the femcel revolution.

Most femcels think they’re god’s gift to men and that the only reason men won’t date them is because men are cumbrains who would rather jack off to porn and date bimbos, a lot of them become swerf/terf/radfem types.

I’m sorry but to put it simply I think she’s full of shit.

Suppose those dating apps still aren’t going too well.

Blackpill is truthpill.

I actually took the time to watch this video and if it’s even remotely true, then it’s hilarious.

The idea that “nobody is pursuing me because I’m not ugly, which means most men think they don’t have a chance” is pretty accurate. But it is her fellow females who are at fault for this.

I actually hope this is true, that females are beginning to feel triggered by the decline in male attention because all the males are simply starting to give up and/or go juggernauting. Males not even giving her an opportunity to bask in the attention and reject them, because they rightfully assess an extremely low probability of success and are refusing to try.

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I don’t know if she’s a 9. She looks pretty good, though a prominent chin like hers isn’t exactly attractive. Her teeth look a bit odd.

But she’s clearly not fat, and is above average, in the realm of high tier normie to Stacylite. She’s more around a 7. Everything you said still applies though. Every female over a 4 pretty much has galactic level SMV and the differences as you go higher up are comparatively miniscule.

I would also like to comment on her thoughts that males just want outgoing, loud females. I don’t get it. Who wants that? Chads? Obviously it is pretty silly to disqualify a female for solely that reason, but I want quiet and serious.