Women swipe less on men who own cats

“Men holding cats were viewed as less masculine; more neurotic, agreeable, and open; and less dateable,” the authors wrote.

This bigoted behavoir is unnaccetable.

gives me more reason to buy a cat

will just go full MGTOW

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I dont believe in MGTOW, much better to be male lesbian. Either you can accomplish this by taking your hormones (becoming full gurl) or, if your goal is to reproduce, then being a cool male lesbian chad that wears makeup (80s maxxed chads.)

how does this attract women

actually nevermind i don’t wanna know

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Some women are into that, lots of girls into Kpop and 80s culture. Unfortunately some women are squares who aren’t into that, DNA assistance should be given to males that are not chads or femmales (fem-males) as well as indoctrination to females (females brains are proven by science to be flexible.)

i don’t want to become a woman


Hö I like men with pets. But I’m more a dog-person tho.

Total BS. If I see a man with a cat he’s more attractive because he likes cats and I love cats


LMAO. I’m on another board and some dude was claiming cats helped him get swiped right. Either he’s lying or is a larping chad who has the looks. Makes sense to me as it’s hard to look masculine with a purring kitty.

masculinity is slavery. Cis idealogy is unhealthy.

Oh look, female sexuality is convoluted and nonsensical.
Oh look, females say they are attracted to one thing, but their actions demonstrate it to be false.


Guys can look masculine with a cat

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Can this and can that.

If it’s no good statistically, then there’s no logical motive in bothering with it.

Send me a picture of you with your cat :slight_smile:

Cat pictures would make a guy MORE datable.


citation needed

Personal preference only.