Women cost too much

Both in marriage and as a more formal hooker.

thank you

How much is too much?

When they cost more than a weekly prostitute.

They should be costing quite a bit less than that, especially considering everything else there is to put up with.

more than $3/hour imo

If you found a cute and honest girl who loves you and enjoys being with you, then you shouldn’t care much about “prices”. She’s going to work too, either in a formal job or house and kids. Problem is, many women don’t want to be as productive as their partners. Healthy relationships are rare.

If a girl truely likes you. She wont mind paying for her own food every once in a while. If have to pay a girl to spend time with you then thats not a relationship u wanna be in

When you need to pay for anyone (not just women) to like you. That’s not healthy because they are just using you. and that’s on period

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