Women and females hate poor men

Women and females absolutely hate or despise poor low income men.

For women and females poor or low income men are not even real men. For them they are not even real human beings.

For women poor men are merely beasts of burden belonging to the servile class of public servants where such men are merely props ,tools, or captivated livestock laboring within the background of society.

They’ll always go out of their way not to acknowledge the existence of poor men and if they’re acknowledged at all it is only to be treated with a sort of temporary kind neglect.

For them such men are obsolete, sacrificial, and completely disposable that should be disregarded entirely. For women poor or low income men are trash, garbage, and the excrement of society that deserves their miserable suffering in life.

For women or females if they have nothing to gain and benefit from you within their self interests your life is forfeit being not valuable whatsoever.

Even poor females hate and despise poor men, there is nothing in this world more hated, despised, or condemned than that of poor men everywhere.

based but its mostly about looks. Like if that guy in pic had more money he’d have better appearance.

Also women also hate rich men who don’t look like chads.

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Is there any incentive for them to stop ignoring poor men?

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these types of women are in passive violent bonobo societies which are usually a mix of capitalism and socialism. These women violently shit on omega males. Poor males are just omega males which are hated by women in every society.

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most of the women who are genuinely nice to me are either much younger or much poorer than me.

Women who are poor (like I’m talking homeless level poor) and in their 30s are actually extremely chill and dope. They don’t act like you’re going to rape them the entire time you’re talking to them.

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That’s interesting I didn’t think younger people were really all that nice

No, which once again shows that female sexuality is incentive based akin to prostitutes and hookers. Women’s sexuality once again is purely monetary, economic, and transactional yet if you call them w-hores directly they’ll yell, cry, scream, or weep because they don’t want a majority of men to consciously know all of that in awareness.

Instead as a male you’re suppose to buy into the lie of love, romance, chivalry, and platonic idealism, but as the world becomes more monetarily or economically unequal at a greater rate than ever before in history those fantasy delusions of women that they like to wrap themselves into are dying off pretty quickly. Such ridiculous non reality conforming charade of idealisms don’t have the same allure , charm, manipulation, or convincing that they once did over men especially when a majority of men are being reduced to economic penury.

Look at the statistics these days, marriage and family now has become only a luxury of the very wealthy. By looking at the statistics of sexless young men it has become abundantly clear sex has become a financial economic commodity that a majority of men simply cannot afford.

Honestly, when our societies collapse one by one [they will too] no man will be under any delusions of feminism anymore and once western civilization collapses feminism will die along with it. Surviving women are going to be in store for a brutal reality of a majority of angry disenfranchised men within the general population. That will be quite the hilarious and interesting social environment going fourth into the future. The quaint feminist idealisms we’re acquainted with today isn’t going to cut it with a majority of disenfranchised angry men in collapsed societies or nation states either which women in mass will learn very quickly. Men won’t forget so easily in such collapsed societies or nation states how women in the past treated them either. It really will become a new world of the sexes overnight as far as sexual identities are concerned.

Also, when a majority of men can’t get their dicks wet they become unproductive in society, eventually with no guarantee, opportunity, or even a faint hope of having sexual relationships with women it will be only a matter of time such men abandon society altogether. Do people honestly think by transforming a majority of men into Benedictine sexually celibate monks that business as usual will continue within society with no consequences, repercussions, or reprisals? Talk about naivety of the most basic psychological and biological impulse of human beings everywhere.

Then there is population growth, in an economic system that requires constant expansion and growth for profits a population that doesn’t grow or reproduce itself is basically a destroyer of such an economic system altogether. Negative population growth is a profit and business killer, it’s as simple as that. Japan is a modern nation that is experiencing such now.

As I keep saying, while extreme sexual hypergamy is the norm today it has an extremely limited shelf life as it can’t go on forever or indefinitely and it will destroy societies from within overtime. Extreme sexual hypergamy within any society is completely unsustainable and self destructive especially concerning demographics of the general population.

I am under no doubts that overtime much as nature does with any sort of malignant human corruption will intervene in this whole sordid affair or situation self correcting it at some point because it appears nobody at the present time has the means, will, and motivations of doing it themselves.

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Poor men have always existed and have been hated or despised within every historical society.

Poor men are basically the social lepers or outcasts of any given society.

Usually with only a minority population of poor men such an environment is negligible or inconsequential, however when you start reducing a majority of the male population to economic poverty, penury, or just being poor is when things really start boiling over within societies becoming very interesting.

When this occurs in history the social environment within societies becomes pre-revolutionary until problems in one way or another become thoroughly addressed. So far our current society seems to be content on calling a majority of disenfranchised men incels which means it has no desire to address much of anything until things really start to boil over everywhere.

That’s fine, historically these sort of situations when push comes to shove have a way of self correcting themselves overtime. Concerning our current societies I would say we’re in the pre-revolutionary stage of environment.

As extreme sexual hypergamy becomes more radical so will also be the pushback against it.

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weddings are the biggest scam of society the average cost is $33,000

funerals also a scam, donate that shit to science people should be getting PAID for the scientific donations not other way around. only time u should have to pay for a funeral is if u are getting cryo-stasis to be revived at a later time

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Population growth only helps economies that depend on corporate parasitism. Its about getting more consumers to the plantation.

In stable economies that focus on local developments, population only increases competition and decreases profits for all except corporations.