Woman tries her best to explain what a guy with good game is

I actually think it’s a good video

even ugly should-be incels can use strong game to attract chicks, yes it’s true!

thanks for the video lady

This is the only female that gave advice which wasn’t retarded. And didn’t LIE.

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video seems bogus, didnt watch but will watch.

tldr, men dont have attractive power or else women would approach.

women are attracted to themselves, she wants a hot guy with a big dick to be attracted to her and put up with her shittests, thats the man’s attractive “power”. thats what im guessing this video is talking about.

My question to you is: if you hate women so much, why profile picture of woman?

She’s just talking about what red pill is all about. Behaving like an alpha in order to gather respect from other males and lust from females.

She’s wrong in the part she states that men cannot “see” this effect. We surely can, but it doesn’t make us horny, of course – it makes us respect the guy.

Anyway, I spot plenty of bluepill advice and simpery in comment section.


But we can still find some nice comments, at least.

All in all, it’s a good video, but the incel problem is far deeper and more complex than that.

My question is, if you are an incel why does it seem all you do here is bash incels.

I am a transwoman, women have treated me badly for that. I don’t feel like I owe women much sympathy because most of them never gave much to me.

Second, I don’t see how my post was all that “hateful” since I was just posting about facts.

Third, I have met women that hate women so what you said is a fallacy to begin with.

based comment. bluepill advice is to try to be confident and chad.

No. The “just be yourself” type of advice will lead you to nowhere. It’s based on the blue pill belief that everyone is special and everyone is valuable.

are they really “just being themselves though”? Most shy guys are just brainwashed and hide their true feelings.

Still, it doesn’t matter. Any woman can get several men on her feet at the snap of her fingers. Only women are valued for “being themselves”. We’re men, just being ourselves won’t give us much when it comes to dating, even if we’re funny and polite. It may work to make male friends, but not to find a girlfriend.

(I know you don’t identify yourself as a man but females treat you like one so my point is valid.)

ye thats tru, but what i mean is that shy guys will see a girl with a nice rack and then just not tell her she has a nice rack due to being brainwashed by society and being afraid of being punished. When saying she has a nice rack may have been their only chance to get laid.

Hum. Fair enough.

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Lol well most women know they have a nice rack. But it’s just not something to start a conversation with “hi you have a nice rack”. You have to already know each other to be able to say that.

“Women are attracted to men’s raw, brutal honesty, anger & sexual energy.”

It’s true. It’s why /r/IncelTear females can’t stop fixating on the incelosphere with their terrible advice. There’s some “reverse psychology” techniques involved. That’s how Larson was still able to attract girls to his site & convince them to post nudes despite his rapist intentions. If you wear a shirt that says “incel” on it, you may be approached by a woman, even if it’s for her to scream that you’re a rapist pedoNazi and call the popo while they complain that the same popo are known to destroy hundreds of rape kits and take the White Man’s side of the story over hers.

If you listen to dating advice from women you hate, you’re going to attract women that you hate.

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