Woman explains inceldom and toxic masculinity

Every thread deserves its own random music theme or score. If I was an Asian man I would probably be the same height and weight as this guy. He’s my Asian doppelganger or equivalent. If I should die early I want them to play this at my funeral where afterwards everybody proceeds to dance to this music around my open casket just because for no reason at all. What a perfect send off that would be.

Actual f-oid talking about incels and toxic masculinity in a power point projected bulletin board.

lol females create toxic masculinity by rejecting nice guys and embracing bad boys and chads lol

its equivalent in anology to how the USA bombs the middle east but then also pretends to not understand why middle eastern people hate the usa


just lol at females mocking the low effort lifestyle, when females live on tutorial mode and its an official meme that most modern women cook low-effort frozen foods most of the time

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The musical anthem of the damned…

F-oid: “So in conclusion of me 'womansplaining ’ today if you’re not a career professional man within neo-liberal capitalism where you’re not making at least $50,000.00 per year as a man to be worthy of women or the snatch between my legs there is something horribly wrong with you where you’re probably an incel. Get motivated and start making those beta-bux boys! This pussy of mine isn’t free, it’s very expensive and I expect adequate payment rendered for my transactional services in sexual exchange. Why is that? Because, muh- male patriarchy.[Drops mic.]”

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Oh lmao a uni lecture on Incels… this will be good.

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Lmao, the conclusion was the shittiest part.

“Encourage independent thought.” That’s literally what got me here.

“Allow men to fall outside rigid spectrum of masculinity.” Wonder why nobody ever thinks to check if females are attracted to that? So fucking idiotic.

It’s not changing the course of where Incels are going. It is going to get worse, and those recommendations are basically just throwing gasoline on a fire.

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They don’t think of independent thought like we do, basically what they mean is you can think independently so long as they get to remain the gatekeepers of what is acceptable or not.

They get to think which independent thought is allowed and which is categorized as wrong-think.

In other words, no genuine or real independent thought whatsoever.

What I can’t stand is their toxic masculinity mantra bullshit, women collectively decide what is masculinity as they are the gatekeepers of reproduction, men are reactionary creatures to women not the other way around like they pretend. They pretend like we have a say in anything, what utter fucking bullshit.

Yes, the very powerful and wealthy men have a say in things but when it concerns the majority of other men we have no say in anything. Fucking dumbasses.

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women want their cake and to eat it too. thy genuinely want 95% of men to become emotional soft guys who lost all masculinity. BUT they also want to fuck masculine chad and expect 95% of men to go sexless ‘‘for the earth’’.

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A majority really don’t want soft men, what they really want nowadays is wealthy Giga-Chad dick.

I think they just say that they want emotionally soft men when they’re addressing the low income working class men that they never had any intentions of ever fucking anyways, get such men to self neuter themselves so that they don’t feel threatened by them.


high IQ, thats what theyre fucking doing…

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Femoids feel threatened by the majority of low income working class men because without Chads around they’re fucked. A majority of low income and poor celibate working class men scares the shit out of femoids.

Giga High IQ

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Note how in her presentation she says there is a need for other men to stand up to the Incels.

Those men can engage us in discourse all they want. The only result will be fewer cucks and greater numbers being proud to take up the fight against these degenerate ■■■■■■.

What happens when the number of Incels becomes so large that it cannot be contained? Victory is not a question. It’s an eventuality. We will continue to spread “like a cancer” when in reality the cancer of feminism has already long since spread. The Incel phenomenon is the equivalent of an afflicted body’s immune system finally catching up and learning to properly eliminate its ailment.

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Basically whenever you hear a feminist discuss ‘all men’ or the patriarchy what they’re really talking about is the poor and low income undesirable men.

The emancipation of women wasn’t about social equality, it was the emancipation of women away from the majority population of poor low income men so that they could have the independence away from the rules or laws of marriage to go after Chads. Now through specialization and technology the numbers of Chads has been essentially cut in half where only the Giga-Chads remain.

Whenever you have a large population of angry, resentful, and an enraged population of a majority of men violent revolution is inevitable. It has been that way since the beginning of human history always.

If I wanted to rule the world I would of thrown pussy at men to keep them distracted, not deprive a majority of them it.

The (((globalists))) really shot themselves in the foot devising feminism because it basically ensures they will never have global domination. You can fool women, you cannot fool men so easily by comparison.

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Are we 100% sure the Illuminati created feminism?


Radical feminism started with Marxism, so yes.

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arrogant upper middle class christian women created feminism. But gynocentrism has been huge in western culture ever since the 1100’s with the rise of knights and chivalry.

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