Will train anyone how to make $20-40 a day from home

doing surveys and the like
for free
if interested, ill teach you here https://discord.gg/b7Aezy (not a general forum chatroom)

How many hours a day?

I tried surveys, it was very few jobs, a lot of work and just seemed there was no point to the survey other than an invasion of privacy.

I’m interested.

Does depend on hours though.

for this sort of work, you choose how much and when you want to work

Yeah not clear. Most surveys you must wait days for jobs and most of the time is spent waiting to do a job.

that is true

I’m currently unemployed now where I would love to make money from home. Send me a private message.


sounds good, if I was NEET like I was last year I would have jumped on this

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We will all be NEETS pretty soon…

Probably not