Wikipedia says r/Braincels advocates rape

and their source is


The dishonesty of that site continues to amaze me. When you interact with the editors of Wikipedia nowadays you find out it is like 4chan but for feminists

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oh jeez.
that is just all kinds of trouble.

We will always be hated, and the worst among us be used as standard

Know this

Things change

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Bluepill response tbh

Are you trying to get banned from here now? You are constantly violating this rule.

This is not a fatalist forum, this is a pro-active forum. Being persistently negative in a broadbrushing way without quoting scientific evidence relevant to your particular claim will get you warnings. For example, saying, “Its Over”, type posts without context will also generate warnings. If you do not like something, work to change it, do not just say, “Its Over”.

Scientific evidence? Seriously? How about common sense human nature? How about a look through modern history?

Before incels phrase like ‘nice guys finish last’ were very popular. Popular cuss words towards incel-types included geek, nerd or creep. Why do you think this is?

Are you autistic? Because I understand autists have a hard time understanding stuff like this, and many autists end up incels. I am also believed to be slightly autistic btw

That’s not the way autism works and you know it. You cant have a slight case of down syndrome when it’s convenient for you

I’m a believer of traumatic childhood or isolation etc. Can cause autism, or anyway something similar to autism, symptoms similar to autism.

I speak from my own personal experience

Most of us have traits that align with autism. You need to have a certain amount to be autistic and if you have 2 when the requirement is 15 you’re not slightly autistic, you’re just a person with weird habits, which is most of us.

And no autism isn’t a trauma related disorder.

I too speak from personal experience.

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Bs. So how come an isolated kid that goes through trauma and not raised or guided properly by parents begins to display symptoms similar to autism?

How come

They had autism and already and it’s a late diagnosis with coincidental circumstances

Again BS. Because when the young person is given guidance and his situation is aided and improved those symptoms go away.

Nurture AND nature - never neglect either

You can’t stop being autistic lol. You can have a better life because of proper education and you could get worse habits by being in a tumultuous classroom but you don’t become autistic if you weren’t before, your symptoms just get heightened if you’re in a shit situation

Not had autism, but because of trauma developed symptoms very similar to as if he had autism, it’s what I’m saying

Katarana, where is this 15 traits thing? DSM5 only lists 5 criteria. And the DSM5 is inaccurate as it is.

Well you have a point. If my DSR situation wasn’t so incredibly fucked up since my early teens, I may have never realized I had ASD as my parents never told me when I was younger.

In an ideal environment I would be able to function just fine, even. The number of boys diagnosed with ASD has skyrocketed and boys are just getting so fucked up in general; most of them are doomed if things stay as they are.

Aside from Autism there is this thing called “Theory of Mind”. It’s a necessary social thing - being able to predict how other people react to things (for example that you say). “Deficits [in theory of mind] can occur in people with autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder,[3] cocaine addiction,[4] and brain damage suffered from alcohol’s neurotoxicity”.

Me personally, a psychologist once told me that I had issues with theory of mind. For example I say things that invoke a reaction, response, or feeling from another person that I totally wasn’t expecting my words to invoke. Like when I was 13 I told a school administrator that I go on walks by myself all the time [in context I live in a small gated neighborhood which is very safe but she didn’t know that]. Concerned, she asked “what if a man pulls you into his car and kidnaps you?” I responded that I would pull out a pocket knife and attempt to stab the man to death. She was horrified and I totally didn’t anticipate that. I didn’t even own a pocket knife - I just imagined a way for me to fight for my life.

Or like for example I was interviewing to get into an Ivy League school. I applied to every one and when they asked me why I wanted to go to their particular Ivy League school I replied “because it was in the top 10 best schools list on US News Best Colleges”. The other person didn’t like my answer [which I wasn’t anticipating] and said something like “there are biases in the calculation of best schools”. In retrospect they wanted something like “I love the environment, culture, mission, and research programs at this particular school” but that didn’t cross my mind. I sort of don’t predict how other people feel or respond - I tend to just be overly honest and say what I think.

For example on Tinder I remember I started a conversation - first message - with “I want to make out with your face”. Another time I used “I like your face” as a compliment. Awkward or uncomfortable stuff like that. Difficulty with interpersonal things might have to do with issues with theory of mind, which are often present in people with Autism but are seen in people who aren’t autistic (such as myself - I just have ADHD, bipolar, and schizophrenia symptoms).

Well it’s her fault for being horrified. Technically you didn’t say anything wrong. Self-defense and all. In this world it is stab or be stabbed. She’s just another sensitive snowflake female that doesn’t understand this because she wasn’t born a male.

Theory of Mind is intrinsically lacking in those with ASD sure, but it can be developed in the same way an A.I. can develop its “understanding” of human interactions through repeated exposure. This is why there is a claim that ASD symptoms lessen with age. Instead of trying to read body language or rely on so called “emotional intelligence” I substitute all of that with my high analytical intelligence. When examining an individual and trying to predict what they want and how they will respond, I will take into account the “type” or “category” of person they fall into based on the available information. When trying to predict their behaviour, I will use information obtained from past interactions of people that fall into a similar “type” or “category.” With age this becomes more and more accurate, and I make inferences about what someone is thinking or planning to do based on a sort of long-term memory database of all my past experiences. This method can become so well developed that you actually become more accurate at making predictions about human behavior than an average/neurotypical person.

It is my belief that those who are ASD and high functioning are actually more evolved than neurotypicals. The things that they’re bad at don’t tend to serve any practical purposes anyway.

Disclaimer: People with ASD aren’t good at fast paced interactions and/or “small talk” but they can develop skills that make them even better than normal at making important predictions about long-term behaviors.

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Men in general (and trans women) are accused of being rapey. Even boys are being accused of this now. This comes as a surprise to no one.