Whyyy ogre?

Men, especially red or bluepill men will say that men should be ogre, this is what women want for men, to look like potatos or apes. But if that was the case, there would be no incels, prostitutes would be out of a job because there would be dating parity, and no hypergamy. The actual truth is that We live in a world where if you are male, you will often have to wait 5 years before getting laid with a female, but can get laid with a gay in 5 minutes.

Men often promote this as an evolutionary good, saying that “females need the best quality DNA for their offspring” or something like that. But all it is is just promoting and enforcing homosexuality in reality. The penis evolved to scoop out the sperm of other males, so what is so wrong with males getting laid with females more easily? They are gonna do it with Chad anyway, Chad is going to have sex with every female anyway so what’s the difference? Why do men enforce homosexuality by saying that homosexuality is better for society than males getting easily laid with females?

And, what is the point of saying its about females having the best male DNA, so you should wait 5 years to get laid? It’s only spreading more ogre genes to future generations to make them incels. A lot of females already love KPOP idols/Bill kaulitz type of males, making male DNA more beautiful is not that difficult. Female DNA is already inherently bisexual and science proved their brains are more flexible than males, getting them to praise beautiful males is not that hard.


If males looked like this it would solve a lot of problems. Female sexuality would actually become coherent instead of “teehee, I want a man to give me a mansion” or “he’s just not my type” kind of sexuality. And it would also make homosexual sex better anyway if males wanted to go that route anyway.

The alternative is shrek society, most men rejected by most females. Males going outside being bombarded by the presence of hot chicks, stuttering to get their number and never getting laid, usually just going home feeling frustrated every day. Repetitively obeying the status quo.

Also I wanted to put the topic title as “Why ogre?” but it wouldn’t let me, due to 10 char limit.

Brainwashed people think horrendous Asiamen and K-poop maxed people are “cool”.

It’s over for ogres

That’s a problem but your proposed solution won’t fix it.

Promoting asiamaxing is bad. Is what your glitterpill is all about ?

I mean, we should promote classic PSL, like Chris Evans and David Gandy

Has nothing to do with asians. Anime characters ironically don’t really look that asian.

I am ommitting some steps required for this to work.

Anime? If you mean highT and highIQ hentai then I agree, but lowIQ anime are not to be followed

I dont really watch much anime. I am just referring to the style of the drawn pictures. They don’t really look like asians that much.

Yes they look feminine and we do not want to be like them

Why are males obsessed with being ogres?

Its like I’m born on planet of the apes.

It’s not about being ogres, I mean I sure do not want o look like a chimp. But neither do I want to be like a k-poop Asian only because they are trending right now

glitterpill will look more like bill kaulitz than kpop

So you must be an oldcel, like me. Out of touch. You know nothing about current trends.

I don’t want to look like a glam rock band member

if you are out of touch with modern trends, how do you know if anyone else is out of touch with modern trends.

why not

Good point. I am just rejecting current normie trends as much as I rejected normie trends of my times, Kaulitz for example.

unfortunately glitterpill is not yet a trend, but hopefully that will change in due time

How can we promote it?

Hadn’t really thought about that yet.