Why we need Feminism (Feminism 5.0)

Why we need Feminism, Feminism X/Feminism 5.0

moids keeping us down (only watched first 2 minutes of this video)
We need to talk about Billie Eilish… - YouTube

middle age moids keeping us down online. All they do is body shame females all day. This causes females to become cold like moids and wear baggy clothes. Billie Elish is actually afraid to wear a dress now because of these moids.

moids even keep us down by making rigid fonts, even writing online all the font characters are the same each time with no randomization, moids just need to be more free and realize each font letter doesnt need to look the same

why we need feminism X:
to bring culture and feminity back into society

to rebel against moid capatalism culture, moids are neoliberals that go to gym and work all day

to stop incel. Creating more incels creates more toxic masculinity. Instead, incels should get laid (Feminism 5/Feminism X will replace Feminism 4.)

monogamy will feminize society and reduce the amount of incels.

all moids do is cause world wars. Moids are corrupt bankers and politicians. A feminized utopian society is much better than a moid world of constant conflict.

teach people mlp values that friendship is magic

moids will become femboys and hold hands with other moids (not gay sex just holding hands and stuff) moids will talk about their emotions

some moid stuff will still be promoted and allowed, like sports and stuff. Sports will be more open to glam rock males that wear makeup (not talking about drag queens, drag queens are too moidy)

neoliberal moid attitudes like economically and socially picking up self by bootstraps will no longer be a staple of the culture

moids will do drugs and make classy music instead of low class pop music

moids will be able to wear girly clothes like in the 1600s

example of approved cultural values of feminism X/feminism 5.0:

This woman lives every day like it’s 1958 - YouTube

(legacy style, the more forward styles will have a MLG aesthetic)