Why things are the way they are

Since ancient times its always been males approaching women. Since ancient times women have never chased men. Since thousands of years ago, getting a girlfriend was a sign of social status and accomplishment, a feeling that a man had won at life and overcome the odds of failure and rejection that were socially rigged from the start, ie. the uphill stream.

I will go into an explanation why women rarely have any attraction for men and why men ha
ve lots of attraction to women.

Firstly, females have milk. Milk is good and literally gives you health. Pee and poop does not give health. Imagine if someone pooped chocolate bars instead of poop. Whoever pooped chocolate bars would immediately have status and people would fall in love. All men have to offer is pee, poop, and semen, and semen barely gives any health besides a little bit of zinc. On the otherhand, women have milk to give.

Vags are more versatile. A clit is basically a small penis. A clit can be pumped up to be a 4 inches penis. So women get double pleasure of both vaginal penetration and having a penis. This makes them more sexually novel and more of a temptation. Males can supposedly get prostate orgasms but I think thats very uncommon.

Women have better curves. Women have better curves, men are more boxy. Curvy hips are more visually appealing because beauty is objective. If you draw a stick figure that has no hips and compare it to a anime girl with hips, obviously the anime girl is a better drawing.

Which one is more attractive to you? Men are just stick figures for women. Dick rhymes with stick. Some women will say they want a man who has body type of a stick figure and such. But I’ve met straight girls who lust for other girls butts. Because beauty is objective.

The maths of curves Part 2 Curves are a beautiful mathematical function. Women have this, men are basically stick figures or lumpy. The math of men is either really simple or just really a convoluted Fourier series. On the other hand, women have elegant curves.

Society tells men to be drab. So in addition to lacking curves. they lack ornate aesthetics added on later such as costume or makeup.
So its like, which vase looks better to you?

Men are basically the same as modern art. A boxy unornate vase. Praised for function not form, measured by attributes of utility.

What about chads and pretty boys?
There is an exception to all of this. Some women chase chads and pretty boys. However, most men are not chased by the girls. And most girls do not chase chads and pretty boys. Usually a chad or pretty boy must get the courage to ask her out.

A 2nd reason
2nd reason is women have less testosterone than men, thus lust less. However there is new research saying testosterone decreases lust. So this is not a full explanation.

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