Why suicide is not an option

some incels advocate for euthanasia clinics for incels but i dont see suicide as an option. I’ve though about death and how death is much more enjoyable than living, imagine not having to deal with the stresses of live and everyday living.

however, its just not an option. I realized that we didn’t ask to be here or alive, why would anyone ask to be alive? Thus we are forced into being alive. I call this force the force of life. So if we die we probably will just be alive again anyway.

ah yes the Persona inspired style of suicide

am I right

I don’t know what game it was, but I was watching some anime a few years ago and I don’t know if it was an anime or a game, but some guy killed himself and then revealed a beautiful female soul, and it felt inspirational to me because its like her I am, I just wanted to be loved but I kept getting rejected because I was born male, and its like males dont choose the DNA they are born with which is backwards.

I also i do not think suicide is a good idea, i believe in reincarnation and i believe we need to study science more before we suicide.

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Word. Not just suicide maybe it’s possible to travel to other worlds through sleep and dreams