Why is leucostiste banned?

Noticed he was here for 1-2 days and then wasn’t

Because he broke the rules, same reason everyone else gets banned.

At the same time, he might be one of the most intentionally funny people I know so I somewhat regret banning him.

bruh I think you’ve banned like 50% of the userbase at this point

At the same time I’m not sure anyone reads the rules section ever.

you know if you combined powers with Leucosticte you two could take over the entire incelsophere, you on the left and him on the right, you could create an autistic tidal wave

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His sites don’t last long, if he can find a different strategy to keep his sites up longer than he’ll probably find more people willing to work with him.

But anyway more people need to use their real names on these spaces, because anons ruin everything.