Why I'm not Traditionalist nor Progressive

The 21st century showed what humans really were; lazy chimps. I used to be a idealist, optimist, and I supported the Venus project by jaque fresco, was a big fan of Zeitgeist movies, was an anarcho communist as well. I also was a traditionalist a part of the time, wanted a mixture of law of Moses and republicanism. The reason I refuse both ideologies is the 21st century westerner showed what humans really are. Deep down inside, the 21st century westerner showed how people would act if there was some sort of utopia (Especially the Venus project kind).

But most people especially in the post modern 60s west are an example of what humans do when their materialistic needs are met. Also this happened in the soviet union, they had these nice apartments for every family to live in, jobs to work, and basically had their basic needs covered. If you go into any housing project in eastern europe, the UK, france, the USA, you will find violent thugs stabbing/shooting each other constantly, drug use, endless drama, and generally a chimp like nature. And no I don’t believe this is a race issue, because the same thing happens in eastern europe as in the bronx, so don’t call me a racist.

You can also basically see what humans really are about especially since social media came out. Most women really just want to be famous, mock others as losers, hang around the most competent, talented, high status people possible, start drama on twitter, sell their bodies, and want 95% of men to fuck off.

The sad thing is this world can never be equal. Humans have a need to be above others, mock others lower in skills, and social competence. This will happen in a fascist society, communist, biblical, market socialist, nazbolist, republicanist, etc.

Male nature: Join a gang, bully weak men, kill other tribes/gangs of men, fight rivals constantly, rape a few women in secret but virtue signal how rapist are scum and then lynch rapists outside of your group.

Female nature: join a gang, bully weak females, fuck the alpha in the group shes interacting with, fuck various alphas for years until she can snag a beta and ideally commit paternity fraud and make the beta raise alpha spawn, virtue signal, hate sex, flaunt sexuality in front of sex starved men.

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Become a collapse enthusiast and accelerationist, it works for me.


high IQ. I’m a supporter of anarcho-primativism. If humans exist, they should exist in a dumb ape like state so they aren’t aware of pain. Technology and shit needs to be destroyed.

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I’m not an anarcho primitivist as I believe some technology is necessary to maintain infrastructure and society however even I admit anarcho -primitivism is a definite possibility in the future especially with civilization destroying itself.

I’m not an anarchist however, anarchy never lasts for very long, there’s always somebody with a bigger club or gun that creates the next regime.

Im sorry but animals have sentience, they feel pain, IQ is not related to pain sensation. If humanity devolved into apes life would still suck.

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would you rather be stabbed to death as a baby or as a fully conscious adult? Theres a reason why people say ‘‘I should of been tossed off a cliff as a baby’’. Because babies are barely aware of their sorroundings and don’t know whats happening to them. One of the horrors of life is our self awareness and the pain that comes with it. Animals are essentially like babies, very low sentience and the self awareness of what is happening to you is worse than barely know what happening to you.

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Thats not scientific conclusion. Animals are not the same as babies their brains are different. Like do you really think a dog or cat acts the same as a baby. Can a human baby hunt or forage on its own in the wilds.

Also I’m getting my info from an actual neuroscientist not broscience on chat groups.

Also some even say circumcision gives ptsd even for babies. Its a barbaric thing that does not mesh well with progressive soyciety and consent memes, yet somehow cretins do it anyway.