Why eating healthy is absolutely necessary

There is truth to ‘you are what you eat’

what you eat will determine your mood and how people treat you

Recently I started eating only whole foods, ad have noticed a great improvement in health.


Very true.

Apples are nice

I wish I could eat healthy. Sometimes food is the only thing that calms me down :breadrelieved:

particularly bread

bread and butter

It’s helpful to start a little bit at a time. For example cutting out sodas first then move onto bread, a few weeks at a time. The goal being mostly whole foods, but with treats now and then obviously.

but whatever you want

I eat a lot of garbage and feel awful, so this is legit.

what do you eat?

Fast food, junk, etc. Basically every little kid’s fantasy diet.

I see.

why do you neg every new member? @IMthegirlfriendnow

It’s how I was born

It’s how I was raised


Diet really does make a whole world of difference.

If I eat crappy food I’m moody all day. It doesn’t totally change everything though. You can still be miserable eating healthy foods, especially if you use drugs.

Best to adopt a whole holistic method of staying healthy. Everything from exercise, healthy foods, daily stretching, etc

My problem is bread. I eat pretty healthy like a lot of salads but my weakness is bread, bagels and toast.

Bread is not unhealthy. There is a conspiracy to say the bread is unhealthy while ignoring all the real unhealthy foods, such as artificial colors and oils. I also do not eat dried foods.

I believe there is a nut conspiracy where they get you to eat dried nuts (trail mix) which is not healthy but unhealthy. Same with raw fruits. I always cook my berries because eating raw berries is unhealthy. 10,000 years ago the cavemen were cooking their berries probably, humans invented fire so fire is natural to cook with.

I believe the headache test is best test. If something gives you a headache it is not healthy. Same as the tummy test. If you get upset tummy its not healthy. Then there is the diarrea test, if something gives you runnies its probably either very healthy or unhealthy. If it gives you runnies with no pain then its healthy, but if you feel sick and have the runnies its unhealthy. I’ve changed my mind about coffee I believe 1 cup of coffee a day is healthy, because it gave me the runnies one time when I drank it too fast.

I always hated nuts, even since I was like 5-6 years old.

I went to a buffet for Christmas with my family/visiting grandmother, and there were these brownies that looked great, so I took some. Then, I realized after biting it that there were nuts in them. But the brownies were so good, I decided to eat them anyway. Within a couple hours, I developed a headache that lasted several hours. For me, headaches for no apparent reason or for a reason other than a cold are very rare (there was actually a case where I got a strange headache just an hour before a tornado warning hit. I literally got a headache for no reason and then an Amber Alert sounded on my phone within an hour, and the headache soon disappeared afterwards). Then I remembered why I never eat nuts. They give me headaches.

I don’t really get headaches though lol. I only get stress headache and it’s not frequent

good dna if u ask me.