Why dating apps should be avoided at all costs

I’ve never really been on social media, but as forums and reddit have implemented notifications I have started to understand why they’re so addictive. On average I might get ~20 a day. Which is nothing compared to any female ever born in this day and age. So I can only imagine how they feel.

Apps are a scam I wanna say anyone that isn’t sexually successful knows this, but the fact that Tinder and the like are financed by the same “low value” men has me wondering if that’s true.

I just don’t get why dudes stick with it for YEARS and not a single date. Even if you manage a match it means nothing. Could be a bot, a time waster, a scammer, etc. Women will chat with a guy for free attention or maybe even as a foodie call.

It’s all a tight rope with no end is sight. I don’t understand why anyone that isn’t a woman or a good looking man use it.


because some sites promise a 7 to 1 female male ratio. I have never really signed up to one of these sites so I don’t know if true, doubt.

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cuz it’s easy prolly

i can’t make threads, can someone give me supercheatbros discord? like or his discord server? i really need to talk to him


Is there some other way to contact whoever you are referring to?

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results.

Suppose it’s easy in the simplicity of swiping and sending some messages versus approaching IRL. Still eventually you’d give up. Or I guess it’s the feeling as soon as they do… the girl who would date them is gonna sign up. LOL.