Why Are You an Incel?

Is it just looks or are there other reasons? For me, it was initially not looks for the most part (this was 15+ years ago), but now looks are definitely holding me back.

Here are examples from my own life

  1. Autism: I would describe it as like being illiterate rather than being “socially awkward”. I often have time talking to both men and women outside of a romantic setting.
  2. Chronic Illness: I think I’m high functioning enough to have overcome some of my social inadequacies, but my chronic illness has destroyed that possibility. I’m too sick to work and rarely leave the house
  3. Mental Illness: I have issues stemming from parental neglect and childhood bullying (which my parents were partially responsible for). I now have complex PTSD.
  4. Looks: My chronic illness and mental illness has made it very difficult to maintain my weight and physical appearance overall
  5. Money: My chronic illness has prevented me from working. I’m also unable to drive because of my illness so I can’t even borrow my parents car.
  6. No Social Life: If you’re a guy and your online profile doesn’t have any pictures with you and your friends, your status is going to go down. Or if you’re asked “what do you do for fun?” and none of your activities involve friends, it’s going to seem weird.
  7. Age: I don’t think this needs to be explained
  8. Transgender: I haven’t transitioned yet, but will be an issue. And even now, I’m sort of in a limbo state. I’m overweight so I guess my breasts (I’m on hormones) could be explained away, but I’d rather be honest if I were to date. I’ve heard some women are into “masculine presenting trans lesbians”, but I don’t know where to find these women…

Some other things that could play a part in others

  1. Location: Too many men and not enough women
  2. Religion: You’re religious and most other aren’t or you’re an atheist in an area where many are religion
  3. Politics: You’re liberal or conservative and most are the opposite
  4. Race: If you’re a racial minority, you will have a harder time
  5. Wrong hobbies/interests: You’re a nerd and everyone else is into sports and/or NASCAR
  6. Height: I’m 6’0" so not an issue now, but as a trans woman this might hurt me idk

It seems Monday is back so I’ll post one of his videos on the subject

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As a teenage dude you are basically given no sex-ed, no prophylactics, nothing but discouragement. So sex is just this big dangerous no-no only degenerates engage in at that age.

Then when you’re an 18 year old male and people start to date more, an 18 year old female is a sexless prostitute who also won’t consider anyone below 21. And dating below 18 as an 18 year old is also illegal. And dating above 18 is also hard because there are no classes above you. So you’re just stuck masturbating every day when your sex drive is at it’s highest, unless you go to college, where you get the privilege of proving yourself as a utility to the women who previously didn’t like you.

It’s fucked up

After that it was just repercussions of various poor decisions by various people.

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Very, very true.

The conditions for teenage males and very young adult males is horrendous. Like it is designed to create Inceldom.

@tables. extremely high iq.

Me personally, I have a mental health disorder. For example sometimes I out of the blue fall in love with someone (sometimes a total stranger) and want them to do some activity that I enjoy with me (go out with me?) but they have no interest. Like I’ll strongly feel like I want a relationship or connection but in reality there is “nothing there”. Sometimes I become obsessed, creep them out or make them uncomfortable, become excessively needy, or suddenly become overly attached. I have had issues with harassment, stalking, contacting women out of the blue who don’t want to talk to me anymore (sometimes with many messages or texts one after the other). I’ve been blocked by a lot of women.

Sometimes I come off as Autistic in the way I interact with people and inadvertently offend people or bother them. Like as a kid I had “no filter” in my speech and basically I would think out loud, sometimes inappropriately. Sometimes I kind of think out loud at people (in particular women) and feel like I want to form a connection but in practice I am just bugging them. I’ve had symptoms of ADHD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and maybe even a little autism. I haven’t responded particularly well to medication and have been symptomatic despite being on meds. My symptoms fluctuate all the time. Also I tend to not form relationships - I don’t even want to talk to a therapist after three sessions because I don’t feel that I have anything that I want to say to them anymore and in the off case that a woman does say that she wants to build a relationship with me I was not interested in her - like I didn’t follow up.

Other than that I have a big nose, am not particularly sexually attractive (for example one eye squints, I have glasses, and I typically look messy and unkempt). I enjoy social interaction but in practice I tend not to get past the point of “acquaintances who are in the same club or engage in the same social activity”. Typically when I feel that I want a relationship I have issues (as described in the first paragraph) and usually it doesn’t turn out well (for example they might block me or we might end up in a situation where it would be appropriate to avoid them or stay away). And rarely someone is into me but I am unresponsive or not particularly into them.

Even when I was employed, well paid, and living in a densely populated urban area with many young people to engage in activities with I couldn’t get myself into a relationship, but right now I am unemployed, living with my parents, carless (I have had issues driving safely due to my condition), and not in a particularly dense or urban area where I can meet lots of young people. For these reasons (and my less than perfect mental health) I don’t feel like I am currently in a position to date and to be honest I am fine sitting at home watching Big Bang Theory and maybe playing pool with or hanging out with the occasional friend or acquaintance.

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I was saying william’s post was extremely high IQ not mine (and yes mine are high iq also), and its a figure of speech you delusional twat.

@john_reed accusing others of mental illness in a gaslighting or otherwise unprovoked manner violates the rules section. Please do not continue to do so

Disagreement is allowed bit not through that type of behaviour. Thank you and no hard feelings. Deleted the relevant post.

I’m autistic as fuck. Really, I hemorrhage friends and no one cares about how Marquis de Sade influenced Power Electronics or my realistic damage mods for GTA 5.

Ofc autistic people get laid, but what really drove the nails into my coffin is the abuse from my father and the only guy I mustered enough courage to open up to romantically. The latter relationship was less abusive but it caused me to become self conscious over my virginity, almost as if I had just realized that I was naked. Now I only feel bitterness towards my fellow man, and the contradiction between those feelings and my ideals of being kind to people makes me miserable.

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So you’re a gaycel?

Pancel who never had sex. A statistical anomaly.

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Personally I don’t describe myself as an incel anymore due to the negative connotations associated with that word. Here are the reasons why I’m a single 38 year old guy.

  1. I’m not ugly (Some have said that I’m good looking), but I lack the social skill-set to attract a woman.

  2. No social life

  3. Short height - I’m 5 foot 6. The average adult male height here in Australia is 5 foot 9

I might remove the word “incel” from my videos since Youtube wants to blacklist and even delete (RIP Hamudi) certain channels. However, I don’t have a problem identifying as an incel. It might be an imperfect word and negative connotations, but that doesn’t bother me.

You can replace “incel” with “forever alone”. To me those two things are basically the same.


welcome to incelistan Noble_Eagle.

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I´m average looking and not that talented in social conversations at least with strangers. I´m boring and passive so the other one has to do all the work. On the top I´m an idealist so I lose my interest pretty quick. I´m not looking good enough so it is not worth the effort for most. I have no activities that includes friends too. I like daydreaming all day and gaming and fighting sports. I also like drawing and writing. I´m mostly on my own or with my family. I would like to have a very close friend more than a partner but this friend has to be exactly how I imagine him and not a bit different.