Why are people worshipping black people?

Like kneeling and shit?

What is the purpose of this?

I’ve met a few black people in my life, about half were ok, the other half not so much. Blacks are given enormous structural advantage compared to whites and Asians, and they aren’t going to like… all of a sudden all become lawyers or something.

Some races are just naturally lower in IQ than Asians, which obviously makes Asians the master race.

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Don’t really think that IQ claim checks out. There’s no “superior” races because all races share more or less the same average IQ.

You’re reading too much race baiting shit on other involuntary celibate forums.

There are IQ differences between races, but it doesn’t really matter since interactions are usually based around individuals rather than group averages. Then there is also, IQ tests are fundamentally flawed from the get go.

QED, you can find a black person who is smarter than the white average. White society isn’t really a utopia either, so comparing it to black society is like debating between poop and piss. Either one isn’t gonna really overall be a holy grail of living, there will be a different set of drawbacks to each culture. Black society is more masculine and white society is more feminine. Both have obvious drawbacks to the culture, overly feminized societies will tend to have less empathy for celibacy, whereas overly masculine society will be less orderly and have less tolerance for deviance from the established norms.

Then there is the question, does IQ even matter?

IQ is not everything, yes Asians have the world’s highest IQ but their societal structure is not very good, China even censored Animal Crossing from their games list, Japan is not much better as they enforce rabid social conformity and lately there are reports their legal system is corrupt and likes to prosecute innocent people as guilty. They also seem way too capitalistic and focused on greed and hard work.

As far as police brutality goes, it is bad no matter what race. The media doesn’t cover stories about the many white victims of police violence, so police are becoming too powerful and given military grade equipment and weapons. They are preparing for a global police state. It’s not really an issue of race, police abuse whites as well but the media doesn’t cover it. In my opinion, police should go back to the Andy Griffith days and start to decrease the irrationally aggressive behavior. (I believe police should be less physically aggressive, but as a society the average citizen ought to be more physically aggressive against bullies and similar types of people.)

My final opinion is that prisons are inhuman and cruel punishment, at least the quality of prisons should improve but human nature is human nature. Humans tend to ignore the true causes of criminal behavior and prefer punishment rather than understanding, compassion and rehabilitation.


There are differences between the races in terms of group averages. After all, are we really going to start saying there’s no differences between males and females now as well? Clearly, there is. There is individual variability in all groups, though (well, maybe not so much when it comes to females, but they are notorious for their low standard deviation after all…).

Asians do have a slightly higher average IQ than Whites, but you also need to take into consideration that IQ is most closely linked to analytical intelligence, and Whites may well possess superior creative intelligence which is the reason they have been behind over 90% of the world’s inventions. Asians have a knack for improving existing technology, though.

The whole “blacks are oppressed” thing is obviously bull shit. And white society isn’t perfect either, far from it… and largely due to other influences that are gradually worsening it overtime. Everyone is oppressed by this system in some form or another, although with white females arguably being the least oppressed of all groups with the exception of the tribe.

I think there are differences between males and females but I dont really see them as the empathetic gender.

I think females are in general happier than males. Depression is more common in women because males are just socially expected to go around being angsty and broken ad perpetuum as default. So the angst is not viewed as depression. Males are viewed as less empathetic because they tend to be more negative and angsty. Even though the opposite of that, happiness and being less aggressive, isn’t actually the same as being empathetic. Though in female’s defense, I’d say they are more empathetic about animals but the empathy doesn’t really extend to human males.

For this reason I dont identify as fully female mentally, I’m non binary, and I’m not really that happy. I’ve kinda been let down by females generally speaking, but of course you can find females who are exceptions to group behavoirs.

Asians higher IQ is because they have bigger brains. You can of course find exceptions like a black or white person who has a higher IQ than the asian average. Or someone with a small brain who has special brain chemistry and is high iq. Or a low IQ person who is a genius savant in specialized areas.

Blacks are oppressed but generally its blacks that oppress blacks. Whites generally give blacks free money and educational privileges. There are some whites that are less likely to hire a black person for no other reason than them being black, but its not that common. Then you have to consider that why aren’t blacks hired or getting jobs in their own cities and communities where most people are black, well its because they are being oppressed by other blacks, who enforce black status quo and make a lot of money from rap music that is harmful to black communities.

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Asia IQ is not that high. I mog them. Most people mog Asians, they have short penises.