Who is your celebrity crush?

After watching a lot of porn for many years I can barely get a boner with a naked female. My brain is so used to hardcore and unusual sex that my penis simply refuses to get up with a regular naked woman standing in front of me. It makes me feel so ashamed that sometimes I consider suicide – although I’m not bold enough to actually do it.

I sort of feel similar except that I know I could adjust pretty quickly if it was something I would actually experience regularly.

Biggest reason I’d be unable to is just performance anxiety.

I used to think I could too until the day the boner didn’t come.

I managed to bring a girl to my home and take her clothes off – it wasn’t a prostitute or something, she was a becky and genuinely wanted to have sex with me.

Just imagine my frustration when my dick just didn’t wake up…

I then proceeded to oral sex but it didn’t work very well because we both were too embarrassed, so we just slept together.

Next morning my dick finally got up and we had sex, but I don’t trust my little friend anymore.

It was the last time I had sex, almost a year ago.

So much for the confidence and cisgender thing.

I don’t know anybody with zero positive experiences in real DSR that is confident about DSR. Maybe some really low IQ people, but that’s it. Regardless of what they identify as.

In another thread, he blamed lack of confidence on not being cis. That is the reference. He was saying that if he was 6 feet tall he’d suddenly have confidence. Although I don’t think so, since there was a naked girl in his bedroom and he still didn’t have confidence.

But that doesn’t have anything to do with my height. If I was 6 feet tall I’d have much more confidence to approach girls irl, which is only one of my problems.

You said that if you are cis and tall you’d have confidence. But it doesn’t seem to me to be the case. You said yourself the bedroom thing doesn’t have anything to do with height.

Exactly. If I was taller I’d approach more girls, which is something I don’t do at all today. Quitting porn would help me to avoid erection problems as I said before. The fact is that I have a lot of things to improve, there’s no silver bullet for me – or any of us.

(And some things I just can’t improve, like my height)

Billie Eilish

I dont care if I’m 32

Ed sherran

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I see you’re a man of exquisite taste. Well done. :pepecool:

Deborah Ann Woll

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@Highschoolneverdies Looks like someone has been watching a lot of Zombie shows.


nothing gets the heart pumpin’ like soulless eyes and the thousand cock stare

i agree high school chicks are where its at give me (16+) highschool anime chicks anyday

Imogen Poots.


NSFW: https://www.portaldoholanda.com.br/variedades/18-confira-fotos-da-tiazinha-nua-na-playboy

Naama Kates.

If you’re reading this Naama, come visit us here on the forum. We wuv you…

I know you lurk around here and incels.co for your studies…

You can study me anytime you want baby doll. licks lips

Stephanie Corneliussen

Ariana Grande.

She’s so skinny… :heart_eyes: