Where do you guys stand politically?

I am curious where you all stand politically. I watch the news a lot and am into politics.

I’m a far right winger

Against immigration (people who can’t integrate)
Against race mixing and think it should be illegal
Against communism

If my country had anyone like trump, I would vote for him in an instant.

What country is your country?

Can you ask specific questions so I can answer them?

Constructivist, all this talk of natural order or progress is bollocks, it’s what you do and make that’s important.

pretty much the center but leaning right:

may I recommend politicalcompass.org




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I would be classified as “Far Right” simply because I believe in the natural order and hate Communists.

What is the natural order?

what does that even mean?

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libertarian socialist / anarchist communist

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welcome mifune!

Wherever ‘that Asian Man running for President in 2020 Who wants to give Everyone a Thousand Bucks’ stands. :sunglasses:

Seriously though I don’t think Left vs. Right politics has a place in the future. I think people are starting to realize that politics, nationalism, etc. is pretty pointless unless it can actually benefit their lives directly, and immediately… and that looking for enemies everywhere is emotionally exhausting.

I wouldn’t mind $1000 a month while unemployed. I just want it to come out of the wealth of the rich instead of taxes that will slow down the economy.

:medal_sports::tracey: socdem gang :tracey: :1st_place_medal:

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