What would you do if someone was waking you up at 4am every morning?

and they made noise for at least an hour

and they didn’t stop if you asked them to

and it was for an important job of theirs

and you couldn’t move out

i’m even like lobbying their girlfriend to keep them quiet in the morning

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Its a product of artificial world. In natural times you could man up and destroy their property to stop the noise, and/or send them to exile. Nowadays people have a magical shield called “the law” which allows them to torment you and lower your quality of life, and you can’t do anything against it.

I would suggest finding a lawyer, in order to turn the law against them.

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Lol at lobbying their gf to keep them quite.

Ummm what kind of noise? Like getting ready for work? You could try talking to them and explain that it’s loud very early in the morning and then come up with solutions like are they making their lunch or something maybe they can make lunch the night before, or prep breakfast before, ect. They could use less lights on early or close doors to reduce some of the noise. Or maybe just try to be quieter because people are sleeping

he gets ready for work yea

his job starts at 7am, but they make them arrive early and do chores beforehand (i’m told)

It’s a family member lol

I’d be kicked out if I did that

Not understanding. Does he work from home? Why does his job require him to make household noises?

He gets up at 4am with a blaring stereo, then a second alarm goes off, then he takes a shower

Other family members often get up earlier, but they try harder not to wake up people

my family is insane

I guess the best you can do is explain that it’s really loud in the morning and can they 1. Try to keep it down, 2. Use less lights and close doors to reduce noise, 3. Can they do any prep the night before

Tell him to turn his alarms and stereo down. He sounds like a selfish asshole.

if he’s late one day he will be fired he says

He is training to be a paramedic and they are going through a weeding out process

he’s been trying to get this job his entire life

Buy him headphones so he can put his alarm in headphones.

he’d just get angry at me and telll me i’m sabotaging him and that im selfish and I need to move out, perhaps start yelling, blah blah

He sounds like an asshole that ironically got a job helping society.

my whole family has ganged up on me, i’m just a scapegoat

Oh yeah they have a hard selection process. Someone in my family did this too and they have physical tests, written tests and lots of stuff they have to do.

Maybe he can go to bed earlier so he hears his alarms in the morning lol this sounds so familiar

Do you have enough money to live somewhere else?

i am capable of making 1k a month if I get sleep

so maybe with a roomate but I would be sort of a leech because it’s tenuous work

Get a place of your own. Stop hanging around toxic family members.

would be risking homelessness every month, be putting myself at the poverty line, perhaps find a roomate who is even worse, and would have a difficult time accessing my psychiatrist who I am dependent on for meds as my area only has 3k/month apartments

It would be a lot of effort for almost no reward

only worth it if I have 12k+ saved up and a new pyschiatrist who isn’t abusive

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Your mental health is not going to increase with your family sabotaging you like that.

After the apocalypse is over, talk with your therapist about this.