What’s your experience with mental health facilities

A course won’t help me. I am totally self-centered and I don’t have empathy. I just end up annoying women regardless of how much social practice I get. I’m not helpable.

lotsa women in these communities who have the same thing but have no problem finding partners

Women have no trouble finding things that they don’t want. I don’t actually know many women as selfish and self-centered as me, but one who I do know of got in a lot of abusive relationships. Personally, I just can’t get relationships. I tried but I just ended up harassing the person.

theres a few on this forum! Well at least not self-centered, but certainly narcissistic

Pure garbage. They do not address incel or dsr or love or relationships at all as cause or cure.

Whether they do this intentionally or not I do not know, I just know is disgusting garbage.

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My experience in an asylum: they take away all your rights, your internet, your phone, your pc, kick you, shout at you, insult you, treat you like a demented vegetable, look inside your mouth to make sure you swallowed a “medicine”, oversee you when you pee in a common bathroom, blame all side effects on you and after all that “doc” asks: “how is your mood?” me: “It’s shit” doc: “Not true, I see you’re improved”. JFL of course I’m “improved” after all you torture me so thoroughly! It’s like they desperately want to believe that they do something good and meaningful, when in reality they’re just abusers. I just don’t understand how your depression can go away when you’re treated like that. It’s basically prison. And a bonus: you can check in voluntarily but there’s no way check out without permission of your master.


save your money and sanity and do not even bother with anything to do with psychology and psychiatry imo

What area or country is that?

I PMd him and asked him the same thing. Won’t give his exact location but it’s not north america or Europe. Nevertheless his experience resonates with some hospitals I’ve been in in the US sans kicking.

Wow. I’m sorry about experiences. For the record this is absolutely not the way I treat my patients. (I work in mental health). But I’ve also been on both sides of the sofa so maybe that helps. I spend time with my patients talking to them in the lounge, playing board games or cards, talking to them in their room, sometimes I bring the computer on wheels over to their room and hang out watching Netflix, I take them outside on a walk to get coffee/food/drug store for toiletries, walk through the park, get some ice cream, chat about stuff, play basketball, go for a swim ect

that sounds really nice actually.
I feel like, depending on their reason for being there, a good friend does as much for them as the actual therapy.

@John_Reed It was common in my highschool to talk about dicks, its what males do. Sounds to me you are just an ordinary male, not expecting other males to be so easily offended by locker-room talk.

@tables Everything you say is spot on about the mental-health treatment.

what country is that hospital in?

Yeah and now we have nutcases around who want “locker-room talk” banned. I have heard they want to do it with my own ears. They want everything masculine banned. I say this as someone who basically never even partook in locker-room talk back in highschool… though I was too ashamed of my sexuality to do anything related to it anyway. It’s wrong and part of the anti-male agenda.

Lol well that is the therapy. I’m just a bit creative with how I do it. I don’t like the whole sitting in an office on a sofa thing. It’s old and weird. I talk to them while playing basketball, or outside on a walk somewhere, talk to them while swimming, or while watching tv ect.

North America

@Restart80 I was a shy kid in high-school, I found the locker-room talk to be distasteful and uncultured. But, the people who want to ban locker-room talk are super cringey, I feel like I’m afraid to even say anything around them, and as the years of sexual dissatisfaction go on, I find myself engaging in locker-room talk more and more often.

who are you Darth? I don’t remember seeing an intro for you. You are kinda mysterious.

@june19 Hello, this is Dva. My intro is in the intro section, if you are wondering.