What is a male lesbian?

A male lesbian is a genderqueer biomale who has always and will always want to make love as most lesbians do rather than how most heterosexual males do.[1] They have never fantasized about penetrative sex while masturbating, have always preferred female sex roles to male sex roles, have never liked male sex roles on the whole, and if they end up in relationships, they tend to not be able to date hetero women honestly.[2]

Like transsexuals, they may not value their masculine body, but unlike transsexuals, they do not experience gender dysphoria. Their sexuality is more of a gaze rather than an action, as they are typically love-shy and thus incel.[3]

Proper pronouns include ze/zem

I disagree slightly, male lesbians do experience gender dysphoria but do not experience as much penis loathing as mtf trans. Male lesbian is transgenetic (would rather have flat chest and be pretty) while (boomer) MTF tend to be less transgenetic, more obsessed with breast growth and content with even being an ugly girl.

The first paragraph is mostly accurate though, although some male lesbians wish they had giant 2 foot dicks in order to dominate women with. And yes those are good pronouns to use

i read the wiki but i dont think its fully accurate.

male lesbians that don’t have dysphoria are in denial. Also 100% of male lesbians are born submissive and non-penetrative, but over time due to hypergamy and redpill, some of them become more dominant.

Wanting to wear makeup and be pretty is a male lesbian trait, the male lesbians on the wiki that claim they okay being cisnormative are probably closeted and afraid to not socially conform.