What have your partners been like?

I realize this is a place for people devoid of companionship, but many of us have had short laisons with people either online or in person.

In the case that that happened what was your laison like? Was it romantic, sexual, and what was the personality like of the people you were with?

I find that I tend to meet up with women who have common traits, although not always things I share. All had strong political opinions. All were weebs at some point. All early 20s. Most were gender confused at some point. Most have been into folk music. (not sure what this says) All were white.

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Romantic or sexual? Both. Online.

Personality? I don’t know. The “female” personality, considering everything that happened.

Traits? Both were late teens at the time. One claimed to be “Far Right” at the time, and another was clearly some Liberal. Both were white-ish or half white. Both liked anime and video games. Both probably had “mental issues” (though for females what constitutes mental issues is unclear) such as possible body dysmorphia.

Interesting topic.

There’s my ex-girlfriend. She’s leftist, but very conservative in some aspects. She’s pro-lgbt, but never engaged in any homosexual activity herself. She’s against slut-shaming, but isn’t (wasn’t?) a slut herself. Basically she lives a conservative life while supports progressive politics. She comes from a very poor family. She looks very good, I’d say she’s at least a 7 on decile scale, super short and super thin, truly a petite girl. Her skin color is light brown exactly as the stereotype of a Latina woman. This relationship was both romantic and sexual, obviously. We first met when she was 17, we broke up when she was 21. We chat on the internet occasionally, but we haven’t met in person since the breakup.

There’s this other girl whom I have a long-time crush on. She’s leftist too, but isn’t as conservative as my ex-gf. She’s into BDSM and she has maaany self esteem problems due to her abusive family. Her tits are super big and her ass is somewhat big, so she’s not really a petite despite being short, she’s curvy. I’d say she’s no less than a 6 on decile scale even if you’re very picky. She’s married. It’s very clear that she likes me for some reason, but not enough to leave her husband. I used to think about her 24/7 and hoped she would break up with her husband and marry me, but I eventually I realized that it would never happen and moved on. I still have feelings for her but I’m not nearly as connected to her as I used to be This relationship was romantic, but not sexual. We first met when she was 22, now she’s 30. We chat on the internet daily.

I’ve had other relationships with women, either romantic or sexual, but those two are the ones that stand out the most.

Notably I don’t chat with either of those two anymore. I hate them. In fact even online, my interactions with females are now extremely limited as I don’t care to waste my time with trash.

Ok I’ll play too.

My first boyfriend I met online when I was 14. It was long distance we lived several hours away from each other. We talked on the phone and on MSN everyday. Then he broke up with me after about a year and half ish because of the distance. @Restart80 rated him a 3 for reference and said he was a “fat fuck”. We still talked online and many years later like 5 years later we met in person. I got the impression that he liked me but I was in another relationship by then. He had an ingrown toe nail that he let me look at and bandage for him in my first year of nursing. Now he’s been in a relationship for the past years and has 2 kids and a house with this other girl that @maidana said was his looksmatch.

When I was 15 I met this other guy online and we dated for a few weeks. Talked on the phone, MSN and went on dates several times a week and made out for hours. I had to hide many hickies. After a few weeks he broke up with me saying his parents wouldn’t let him date me because I was white and not Muslim and that his parents thought I was a “bad influence”. He’s married now with 2 kids. I can’t remember was his rating was I think a 4?

Next I dated a guy in university when I was in high school. I thought I was cool, having an older bf. Well we did nothing together because he cancelled every date. We only talked on the phone and online. Every time we had a date planned he would either cancel or just not show up and make lame excuses like I had to go bail a friend out of jail, I had to go to the USA with a friend etc. After a year I broke up with him on my birthday because he had promised to take me on a date for my birthday and after I spent several hours getting ready he didn’t show up and when I asked him where he was he apparently had not only forgotten about the date but forgotten about my birthday too. He still keeps messaging me asking me to do things for him this many years later. He was rated a 3. Also sure he cheated on me.

Next my ex fiancé I met online when I was 17 and he was 23. He has anti social personality disorder and autism. He promised me the world and kept no promises. I was blind because he made what I thought was the most effort he actually took me on dates and gave me gifts and I got caught in the cycle of abuse. He would be abusive and hurt me then give a gift or take me out say how sorry he is and won’t do it again and promises to be better. He never got better. He’s the same liar he had been for years. He cheated on me among many other things but the list of things he did is way too long to type out and I have PTSD from his abuse. He’s married with 2 kids. Rated a “4 at best, and a fat fuck”

At the age of 17 you already had way more experience in dating than I have today (I’m almost 28.)

Also, you’re so bad at picking men. Geez!

No different from the other females. It was probably really obvious too, but their feelings override what is blatantly observable.

And all of this happened in her teens.

I’ll talk about my teens. It consisted of 1 oneitis, and admittedly a lot of cybersex with supposed females in an MMORPG I used to play. And nothing ever happened. No dates, nothing at all. Zilch. The end.

Yeah but it was online dating and the most I did was kiss. I didn’t have sexual experiences until I was an adult…you were 16?

And these were my only options. I can’t pick better magically if they don’t like me! I haven’t really been approached or asked out in real life. Only in my mid twenties. Even then it was really me asking them but making them think it’s them.

But you never spent hours getting ready to be stood up!

Yes. With the cheapest hooker I could find. After that, no sex for several years.

Yeah that’s not much different for me. I had no sex until 18. Then no sex from 21-23.

No, instead I spent several months talking to a female online who promises to meet irl and then doesn’t. More than once.

Completely out of touch with reality. It’s several orders of magnitude worse than what you have experienced.

How is it not much different from you? He wasn’t even in a relationship, he just went and paid someone to give him sex because he couldn’t get it any other way. I doubt it even felt all that great compared to your case where you at least get to feel desirable.

And there is a huge difference between you having “made out for hours” at 15 versus someone else at 22 who never even dated or held hands with a female before. Stop trying to compete in some oppression Olympics with actual Incels.

“Then no sex from 21-23.” Oh but sex at 18, at 19, and at 20 correct? And after 23 as well? Wow so difficult.

I spent years talking to guys who said they were going to meet me and didn’t.

He also had a 3 year relationship with sex…

Doesn’t mean as much when they weren’t your only hope as evidenced by the experiences you did have.

Starlord clearly has had it better than me, yes. So has nearly everybody, even if they themselves have had pretty bad/low number of experiences in DSR. Not sure what your point is.

Yes I had a lot of experience talking on the phone and on MSN.

That I don’t have that much sexual experience myself.

What you just described sounds like the average experiences of a female during her teens. You’re not special.

Every female probably has something to complain about. But nearly all of them have had positive experiences and actual relationships. For you it’s just a typical life. For an Incel it is an abnormal level of isolation and lack of access to DSR.