What exactly is self-independence?

I’ve lived on my own before as a ‘self-idependent’ person, but felt incredibly dependent on others. Dependent on my landlord not increasing rent, dependent on my keys because no one else had a copy, dependent on my job because I had a 12-month contract for rent etc etc

Compare that to living with family… risk is distributed and you are less dependent on others. If one support breaks there are still other supports.

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unless of course your family disowns you for not working, in which case you have no support except maybe one or two employers

As far as ‘contributing’, I know of quite a few people that are a net negative to society but no one cares because they are ‘self-independent’ whatever that means

Self-dependence is living off grid and only using means of survival. Most people are not self-dependent, having jobs and wage-slavery is not self-dependence.

Always depending on someone or something.

Living with parents is the new meta, especially for Incels.

Be smart, enjoy your cheap gaming entertainment, and save the rest.

I share an apartment with a roommate myself as my family has roughly abandoned me.

Independence in a bullshit economy is becoming less and less.

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I can’t stand living with my folks. Even if I land a miserable hovel I’m certain that I’d be markedly happier than where I am now.

Maybe you need to learn to trust some more and start depending on me for now. I didn’t read your thread except the first sentence. But, I think it would be nice to depend on people or ooooohhhh have someone depend on you. Be someone’s little helper yk? Like u depend on urself but ur so dependable other people depend on you : ) :wink:

It means you don’t depend on someone else’s compassion.

Your boss pays you because you work for him. Your internet provider gives you internet access because you pays for it. None of them does this out of compassion.

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