What do you want women to do?

So a lot of you are saying you hate women for isolating you. What exactly do you want women to do? If your shy do you want women to approach you? If a women did approach you are you going to interact with them?

I don’t hate women and I don’t believe they have collectively harmed me. My isolation is the product of my own constitution, experiences and decisions.


I don’t hate women.
I don’t feel cheated, or wronged or attacked. honestly, I just feel ignored most of the time.
I don’t think like “the matriarchy is out to get me”. or that I’m not getting something I’m entitled to.

as far as what I want from women? idk, I feel like I’m waiting for the right one. I’m waiting for the one that will care, the one that will want me.

I realize I’ve treated your question more like a thought exorcise than an actual question.

I don’t think for me it really has an answer, but thank you for asking it.


Do you mind sharing? What happened for you to isolate yourself?

Thank you! That was really helpful :slight_smile:

How will you know when you found the one that loves, accepts and cares for you? What would help to not ignore you?

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It may involve women less than we think as in Tinder hides male profiles from women often.

But this has to change and women do play a role in it.

Who said that

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Interesting. Actually I did do a tinder experiment with some other incels. Tinder on the men’s side has more hoops to jump like they charge for accounts, hide likes, and I feel like they don’t give men their match’s or positive swipes often or right away. On the female side it’s free and there’s a lot more matches right away. I do think tinder is rigged.

Tinder does not hide likes for men moreso than for women, nor do they tell men to buy accounts moreso than women. It just hides men who do not pay from women, and then shows them to women once they pay. Tinder simply capitalized on a pattern by exaggerating it, they did not create it as shown by other apps/sites.

However once men are shown to women normally, their match rate does not increase dramatically. Many of the same findings incels have on Tinder are similar to less rigged apps. There does not exist one dating site or service than men have found is not a monstrous months-long effort to get a date.


Also, an experiment the old dating app Lovoo

Its not the fact that there is inequality, but the difference between results is the problem, in that the most men get hardly any results whatsoever.

And from an okcupid experiment

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I just want more of them around, and for my ■■■■■■ ((government)) to stop letting in hordes of male invaders totally fucking up the gender ratio for me to compete with.

Gender ratio inbalance for me is the biggest ■■■■■■■■■ that incels don’t acknowledge enough.

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Honestly, I don’t blame women at all because I don’t think it matters what I do, lol. I honestly believe that I am never going to find a spouse, get married, and have kids regardless. I gave up.

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I’m not trying to sound sarcastic but, she’ll love, accept, and care for me.
it’s not like I’m waiting for some secret hand-shake or something :laughing:

it does seem that most of us (on this forum) don’t hate wo/men, but there are people and forums that do. I think most people here were drawn to the non-violent, gender-inclusive nature of this place.
in other words, we may not be indicative of ‘incels’ as a whole.

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anybody else read the okcupid experiment article?

it concludes with:

Based on reading hundreds of eager messages, Millward concluded that a successful message should:

  • Demonstrate creativity, intelligence and great sense of humor
  • Be totally different to anything she may have received before
  • Be obviously unique and not a cut-and-paste job
  • Show that I’ve read her profile and absorbed facts about her
  • Not be needy!

“Be totally different to anything she may have received before”?!

that is ■■■■■■■■■ fuel, imo.

This is actually true though. If someone just says hi, I’m less likely to respond. I had someone once reply to the "fight club is my religion " post with I’ve never seen it but I heard it sucks

Some pure fighting words but I wanted to argue so bad that I responded

that makes sense, but I take it the conversation didn’t go that well for him/them.
any response is better than no response, but a positive response is best (as far as I know).

that reminds me of the movie MoneyBall. where they try to ‘game the system’ instead of ‘play the game’.

Well if females approached me when I was younger, I probably wouldn’t have such a serious issue today.

I’m not good at talking to new people. I don’t find it fun, I don’t enjoy it. Getting past that phase is crucial.

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:frowning: what’s difficult about meeting new people?

what a very ‘extrovert-y’ thing to say.
some people just get uncomfortable around others their unfamiliar with.

I don’t have any information on them. They’re more unpredictable than with those I have talked to before. I would always prefer to try to talk someone I had talked to previously, over someone completely new.

And talking to girls, it just becomes a joke. Feeling like having to say the right thing every time, but not even having a clue what that is if you have no idea who they are. That’s why we look into universals among women.

I like routine and don’t like trying new things in general. Occasionally I might try something and really like it, then it is incorporated into my routine.

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I get that, I’ve felt that way too.
sometimes the important thing to remember is that: there is no “right” thing to say.
and I mean that in a good way, sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say, just that you say it.

that really sounds like that phrase “you miss all the shots you don’t take” crap (it annoys me too).
but often the person you’re talking to is going to like or dislike you for who you are, not what you say.

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