What do you do for work?

Coder gang gang

Cashier… it sucks

Teacher?.. Sort of?

No work right now, but the corresponding NEETbuxx is nice.

Teaching, in come capacity, come September. Assuming schools are actually on.

Dental assistent. Long working time, not much money and dentists that are never fully happy with your work performance. I probably want to work in the health insurance later to get more money. Maybe even for a sperm donation.


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Stay with that. Most jobs are shit unless your heart is burning for it. How old are you?



Given everyone nowadays knows how to be a cashier, are you afraid for your job?

Disabled atm but hopefully going back to school soon so I can work. Might try to find a sit down type job at the school

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Not really, they aren’t ever going to install self-check places at the place I work at. Would just be too weird.

I actually probably will get used to this job, I shouldn’t be so negative.