What do you all think of this argument?

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Basically correct. I get told I’m “not ugly” by women but never told I’m attractive. Sexual attraction is what matters.


that’s more or less what I was thinking as well

people say Elliot Rodger was ‘not ugly’ but no one wanted to fuck him


ultimately incel.co considers lack of sexual dimorphism to be a genetic defect

I don’t see how it would be given how malapative sexual dimorphism can be.

Monogamy promotes low sexual dimorphism so this is sort of an inconsistent part of their worldview, given they also like monogamy. The benefits of monogamy arguably come FROM the low sexual dimorphism monogamy brings.

I would prefer a mix of open serial monogamy and polyandry. So my worldview is also inconsistent on the surface. But I prefer some sort of enforced low sexual dimorphism to compensate and keep inceldom low. Would also like shared childraising, and abolition of legal marriage. Separation of natural parents would be less traumatizing to children without marriage and legal fights.

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A “mix of open serial monogamy and polygyny” is basically what we have now.

I don’t think that works in any context.

sorry I meant polyandry

also polygyny would be avoided through enforced low sexual dimorphism

this is not the forum’s opinion, this is just my ramblings

What do they mean by us not being sexually dimorphic?

Not traditionally masculine enough? Because cucks that submit to feminist bull shit are certainly not masculine at all, but that isn’t most of us. Simping is not masculine.

not having as much emotional and physical traits that signal that your are a male


it’s a relative measure

and also contextual to where you date

so if you only date online and are physically low in sexual dimorphism you will have a bad time

“Feminist media writes off incels as not deserving due to ‘genetically aquired mental illness that they must ■■■■ with’.This is not different than incels saying they will be alone because of ‘inferior genetics’ out of a religious belief in effectiveness of sexual selection”

Lol straight out of Clown World. I guess they forgot about the mental illness that all females are born with. Another double standard to add to the growing list of things we aren’t allowed to be.

for example, this is one of the most swiped guys in the UK

he is not particularly pretty nor do we know much about his genes. But with the exception of his hairline, he is signaling high sexual dimorphism with his low body fat, shirt hugging his muscles, short hair, risky behaviour (drinking) etc

next guy, same thing

With the addition of independence and resource signaling, more sexually dimorphic traits in dating. If he were high body fat at home with long hair and no muscle, he wouldn’t do well

I think co and some other incel forums put too much weight on genetic looks. Most incels are not ugly despite what many think. I think there are many different reasons why incels have a harder time with dating, and they arent the same for everyone. For some people it could be the financial situation, could be education or NEET in general that is a barrier to dating, for others it could be social skills or mental health like anxiety or autism that’s the barrier.

I think women have a more comprehensive selection process where many attributes are wanted/required.

Most of the people on .co are not incels.

Gonna need citation and sources on him being one of most swiped guys in UK.

Incels typically have high sexual dymorphism. Typically, if an incel puts on a wig they will not pass as female.

Many chads on the other hand can present as hot females with minimal effort. Not all will pass but most will look more appealing than incels.

Eboys are very feminine and popular with women, so are gigachads. So I would like to see citations for this picture because he does not look like an eboy nor a gigachad.

pic of standard incel:

in comparison to the pic of the guy with beer, standard incel looks more barbarian and masculine.

edit: apparently guy is not incel

short hair is feminine not masculine, its a symbol of submission. Like if you go to mcdonanlds they will tell you to cut your hair before you get job as wageslave. Also barbarians, highlanders etc. have long hair.

low body fat is not really masculine either, losing weight is from testosterone, women need testosterone too in order to reduce the waist. also women these days do risky behavoir like rock climbing

My argument has been refuted

Tbh though I think of .co and the old subreddits as like places where feminine or skinny dudes attacked other men because they were insecure in their unmasculinity

this guy named ‘Joey’ spelled it out pretty well in some interview with Vice, where he said he thinks feminism has feminized him too much and he’s just complaining about it. When I see photos of them they are usually just skinny nerds, like most of us probably.

Alex is a unique fellow and I like him though, as far as his unique view on things

I was smaller/skinny as a teen of course, but not so much now.

It’s actually something rarely discussed but I wonder what the shirt size of people here is.

also that dude is not much of a true incel lol

alex fucks and he had at least one wife

he is just a good representative as far as his commitment to things

he’s obviously either a nymphocel or a serial monogamycel, mad his laudable political activism hasn’t brought him a harem of women yet, and that he has to go through all this narcissism to get a single woman interested in him

who is the alex guy? The barbarian guy in the pic I posted? I thought he was incel cause the thread said he was an incel man