What crushed hope for you?

I’ve had so many realizations this year about how terrible this existence we live in truly is. So here are some reasons I lost all hope for existence and realized us humans are really dumb Savage animals.

1.) Every thing in our lives is a competition for resources and survival. From the job interview, high school grades, almost every aspect of our lives is competition for survival (food, shelter, water) and also for status and reproduction (sex).

  1. Women are insanely in high demand. What does this mean? Almost every human interaction and existence is supply and demand. Say one Hunter can hunt the biggest animals. This Hunter then become very in demand. Well women have very high demand because of their eggs. Humans have a craving for sex, which is a unconscious drive for reproduction. So if sex is a drive for reproduction, women having scarce resources needed for reproduction (eggs) means they have all the power. Women are biological billionaires or trillionaires.

When you are “in demand” you have power, and choice of what you want to experience in life. Think of a brilliant computer scientist who can live anywhere in the world, travel more, enjoy more material pleasures. Well women are able to do this as well ten fold.

These principles I realized made life seem absolutely hopeless and worthless for me. Now I’m so hopeless after seeing the truth I really wouldn’t mind contracting coronavirus.


I didn’t have a problem with being a virgin until this guy I met in high school basically rejected me and started making fun of me for “being gay” (i’m pansexual). We were good friends and I was really attracted to him.
Right now I’m trying to find some sort of identity in the wake of the persistent, intense, ego stripping I endured in high school.

@ThatsLife Humans are dumb yes but it isn’t entirely their fault. There are extraterrestrial aliens going on the earth is their playground so to speak. Some of the aliens want humans to fail. Other aliens want good things.

Yeah, you’d have only 99,8% of chance to survive – assuming you’re 20 to 30 years old and have regular immunity system, of course.

on topic:

You have above-average communication skills, good vocabulary, and many interesting ideas. The only thing you’re lacking is self-esteem.

I eagerly await the day you’ll create a topic to tell us about the beautiful girl you just kissed the night before.

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I have type 2 diabetes and undeveloped lungs from pre-mature birth.

Thanks for the compliment. Sadly, women give affection only towards men who “stand out” from other men, physically, financially, and behaviorally. Female standards are so high i can’t reach these standards.

Then you have a real problem…

Two weeks ago I went to a bar/club where I saw normies making out with average to above-average looking girls. A guy like you will get girls as long as you aren’t

  1. shy; and
  2. fat.

You won’t get many, and you won’t get stacies. But you’ll get some girls.

But you need self esteem to overcome shyness and fatness. That’s why I said you’re lacking it.

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I’m shy and fat and just have weak genes. Possible klinesfeltercel. Where I live the only type of “below average” guy women go for is just a 6’3 guy with a below average looking face. Some random 5’8 guy is no longer average in the USA. Also I’m shy and socially underdeveloped and fat so it’s just never gonna happen post tinder era.

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98% of humans are literally barely above an ape. We really need scientists to do experiments and set up a chimp version of tinder, and have female chimpanzees select from alpha, beta, and Omega chimps. We also need to see if chimps can do engineering to see how close in consciousness we are with them. As far as ancient aliens, most humans are not on that level but very possible.

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Same here. I also have asthma and not fully functioning liver and kidneys. Be careful!

@ThatsLife that sounds based

@Maidana those guys at the bar probably have a house, car, decent income, not lowly millennial income like everyone else

@Love wear a gasmask

I haven’t lost hope yet, there’s always the collapse of societies.

I thankfully have no health problems yet.

Yeah I’m wearing n95 masks. I have people to take care of so I can’t get sick. I don’t know what everyone is going to do who are buying up all the masks when hospitals have a shortage. When they catch this virus and need ICU care or a ventilator and there’s no health care workers left lol. People are stupid.

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There is a 99.8% chance of surviving coronavirus.

There is a 1% chance you have the virus, and 99.8% chance you have no symptoms. If you get symptoms and have to go to the hospital, there is a 90% chance you will survive.


It’s a bioweapon not a virus, I don’t believe a fucking thing the government is saying at this point. Fuck them!

I’m self quarantining in my residence, I’m only going out to collect mail, start my car three times a week, and take out the trash.

I’m all set on food and water for the next three to four months.

Fuck the entire gay world at this point.

I have all these things and still incel. You’re making me sad.

You can change that in a few months (or years perhaps).


Unfortunately very little is actually known about the virus at this point. It’s never been seen in humans before and can mutate creating more strains and making it resistant to treatment. No one knows what the virus actually really does at this point because they never seen it before. The death rates are increasing and they don’t fully know who’s at risk. It’s all just a guess,

I’m set to isolate. Problem is I’m an essential service worker and got mandated to work. I’m not happy about it because we have a positive case already. I spent my day at work bleaching all the phones, door handles, taps, photocopier, and every single chair. Trust me I’m about to start washing people with bleach.

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See Rule #8 in Rules @ThatsLife


What to do, what to do…

Well guys, what would you do?

“Help me please sir, I use to be a doctor before the bombs fell at the moment society collapsed everywhere, I’m starving, very thirsty, and hungry. I’m not at all like the other girls. I’ll suck your dick for a bottle of water and I’ll let you fuck me impregenating me with your seed for some food. I’ll suck your dick real good kind sir.”

unzips pants

Keep hope alive…

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