What are the worst countries?

This thread is for fellow incels who are planning to move to another country.

What countries should we avoid at all costs if we want better odds of finding a loving and caring girlfriend?

(Obviously no one will be moving to another country solely because of better dating prospect, but it’s certainly something you should consider if you’re leaving your homeland.)

Those are the worst ones as far as I know, in no particular order. Feel free to correct me and add more:

  • The US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Norway

I came up with this list based on my experience watching vloggers from those countries and reading the news online. If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s basically the Anglosphere and Scandinavia. The vast majority of post-modernist/feminist bullshit I see online come from those countries.

Japan and South Korea are interesting cases. There are lots of incels there, indicating they’re terrible for dating. But I don’t know enough about their current culture, so I cannot make any meaningful claims about them. For this reason they didn’t make to my list.

(Meta comment for tables: If we gather enough content on this thread it should become an article on incelwiki.com)

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Turkey (something like 90% of women there think they are queens)

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Japan and South Korea may actually be a case where JBW applies, so it is a dubious area since it is definitely awful beyond a doubt for local males.

Western Europe in general is pretty bad, too, which makes up a lot of countries.

Yes, that’s a good rule of thumb. One exception. however, is Portugal. It isn’t great, but Portuguese women tend to be less slutty.

One may think that sluttier women are better for incels because they would give sex more easily, but in my experience it’s the opposite.

Yes. Blacks and brown-skinned Latinos are likely to have a hard time in South Korea and Japan.

South Korea has the most technologically advanced skin whitening procedures on Earth. This is a very strong clue that they don’t like non-White people.

I’ve seen one interview in which a few Japanese women explicitly stated that they would never date a non-Japanese guy. I haven’t collected enough data to confirm this, but the JBW principle might not apply to Japan due to how nationalist the average Japanese person is.

i personally am not a racist, i do not mind if there are a few brown people in anime, i also enjoy indian foods. I prefer the restaurants rather than the frozen dishes, however i do like some of the frozen dishes as well.

speaking of frozen, everyone in frozen is white so they are less diverse in that show than anime, meanwhile i am fine with the racial makeup of Yugioh animes or Pokemon, i thought brock was a cool guy. pokemon was the first blackpill show and showed brock as the first real incel imo.

its like if ur gonna make a show about ancients, make it historically accurate, putting 1 or 2 blacks is fine if its historically accurate since back then blacks were like 3% of population, but if they make it like 97% black then either the show is in africa or a comedy show like eddie murphy, if you are going to make a serious show then you should keep it historically accurate to increase immersion.

Sweden is leading incel country

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" Sweden is a nation with extraordinary high tax rates. The average worker not only pays 30 percent of her or his income in visible taxes, but, additionally, close to 30 percent in hidden taxes . The defenders of the punishing tax burden argue that it is needed to maintain Sweden’s generous welfare system."

useless welfare system if it doesnt help incels ascend

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Indeed. All the males have to do is quit working and that system appears more vulnerable to a total collapse than any other. Imagine being taxed for… is it really totaling 60% if I understand correctly? Such a ridiculous amount, yet somehow the government happens to have nothing for incels. No point in doing jack shit.

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I’m too far into my cult to consider other love interests or moving to other countries in order to consider having other love interests in the first place. If I’m moving I’m probably moving for political reasons and seeking asylum.
Interested in Japan, Korea, Russian Far East and Mongolia as contenders. Also on the table are China, Antarctica,… Belarus and Ghana?

However in comparison I haven’t found many incels in Canada. Tbh I only know of 2 or 3. Majority that I have found are from the USA and the UK. Interestingly though I did find quite a few in South America and areas around Russia.

Looking online is bull shit. Canada is only like 10% of the population of the USA to begin with. I remember playing an MMORPG and almost every person would say they were either USA or UK.

Every guy I know irl probably hasn’t had sex in over 6 months. And most of them have probably never had sex at all, so that’s at least a few right there.

But also people tend to have friends with similar interests to themselves so that’s a bias right there

Are you trying to say Canada isn’t dogshit?

Canada is full of fake pieces of shit. Even Incel Canadians are too “polite” on average and aren’t going to admit it to anybody. Incels are absolutely hated in the mainstream here.

Incels living inside and outside of Canada widely accept that Canada is among the very worst countries in the world for Incels. Clearly not looking hard enough.

Starlord got a glimpse of Canadian females and now he never wants to step foot in that country when it comes to anything to do with DSR.

I basically hate all of my sisters too. Constantly defending females, pushing homosexual propaganda, promoting (or excusing) divorce & abortion, and being completely braindead and unaware of everything. Typical trash Canadian females. When I see in them what I see in the average Canadian female, it enrages me.