We're closing

We’ll be closing yourenotalone within this week

pls contact those you want to before then on the forum

There isn’t much point to it with the many incel facebook groups, which have a wider variety of people and more active discussions.

Please backup any posts or data you want. If we relaunch it’d be under a different forum software, but relaunch is unlikely.

Thanks for being with us during this time, but the stigma on the incel label rn is too great.

Hope everyone does well. I’ve been pondering leaving the incel space for months, and I have no interest in continuing this. There’s other people here who may want to start ther own forum though.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you are worried about being lonely. No worries. We don’t want you to be alone.co

Typing ‘incel’ into the search bar of Facebook brings up a lot of healthy incel forums.

I also recommend love-shy.net, which is very similar to this forum

Not really, it’s always been like this.

RIP in Pepperoni.
If anyone wants to read my estranged nonsense:
Otherwise, kittens are soft.

I don’t think incel needs to be stigmatised

thinking of making my own forums, calling it utopia forums or something. Utopia .net seems already in use and firefox told me the website is unsafe and insecure, I will have to look into some other domain name. The forums will be about constructing various prototype cities to test different ways to increase quality of life.


What about fantasy escape? Utopian fantasy?

Nooooo. Dammit, I liked this place, even though basically there were only 3 or 4 posters

So anyone has back up plan on where to go to?

I know right. It was intimate.

I can make a discord channel

https://love-shy.net is the forum most like this one

and there’s some good incel facebook groups, half of which we run