Welcoming Incelswithouthate refugees

This is a bit of a more lowkey and slow incel forum. But we are opening up registrations again for the first time in 7 months.

We’ve been without hate, relative to all the other external forums, for about two years now.

Feel free to join if you wish by clicking on ‘Sign-Up’ in the top right hand corner of your screen.

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So what happened with Incelswithouthate and what website was it?
I’m foreign to the majority of the incel internet.

Banned for “promoting hate”, though this is not true. We assume it was because Reddit was going public and that meant that any association with “incels” would be seen as something bad; thereby they went their way to ban any incel sub (mostly ending with suffix -cel), all for the reasons of “they promote hate”.
IT and AHS were happy because they “achieved something”, even though they didn’t help anyone and only promoted the 30K or so people there to migrate to worse places (for example .co)


Hello @AVEPARTHE and welcome to yourenotalone. I bumped up your forum perms so your posts should go through automatically now. However images and links are turned off due to your VPN usage.

Have fun —admin

Welcome, I hope you will feel good here.