Website Layout

The old layout was better. Now to check every forum, for half of them I have to scroll down. It’s better when they’re all accessible without having to scroll.

One of those little things that I just find annoying AF.

The new layout is better, the old one didn’t have new post notifications so you had to browse every subforum to find new posts.

You literally have to scroll for less than 2 seconds to see all the forums, I don’t see what the problem is.

There’s a “latest” tab I just use for everything.

The new layout is better for new people, but if there is a theme you like using that isn’t the light theme. (there’s like 8 themes to choose from in user preferences), I can make the home screen layout of that theme you like not include latest using this little thing I’ve been reporting bugs on

Just let me know if you use a theme that isn’t the light theme and I can make the home screen layout for that particular theme however you like

It wouldn’t effect DarthDeva or anyone else using the default light theme

Or actually I can even make a copy of the light theme and rename it with a new home screen for you to choose from in your preferences if you like the light theme.

Actually I use the dark theme. I always found white web pages to be harder to look at.

I looked around and noticed I can access every forum with 2 clicks on the top right instead of scrolling, which is better.

I can make the dark theme home page layout more like the original possibly, lemee see. It’s just that category override thing is buggy.

Awhile ago, the dark theme was actually like the original. It was changed somewhat recently though.

Yea it got removed because there’s a bug in the category layout override component won’t populate the category boxes with topics, so I switched it back. But if you like how it is now I can keep it that way. It’s changed about 4 minutes ago to category boxes again.

oh lord the CSS for that old category layout is so messed up, lemee fix it

ok it fixed