We need some levity

hey all, I was thinking, what games do you folks have on your phones?
I don’t have very many but I’m looking for a game I can just jump into and out of, nothing serious.
I’ve got 5 or 6 games but the ones I play most often are:
Cell Wars

just curious what any of you play, or just your favorite Apps.

Gmail :smiley:

that’s… I mean sure but…
no games or Apps or something that wasn’t pre-installed?

The only phone games I’ve ever enjoyed were 3d car racing games, as it’s kinda fun to make full use of your smartphone accelerometer in order to control the vehicle.
But yeah they’re usually full of ads and it gets boring for a while.
I normally like to go on Aliexpress… Amazon… etc. to look for stuff to buy and find discounts. That’s what has pretty much replaced gaming for me.
And of course when I’m at home I don’t use my phone at all other than to reply to messenger, whatsapp, phonecalls, txt, etc. It feels severely limiting to use a phone for daily stuff if you’re just sitting at home most of the time.

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i played racing games on fone, just feels like mario kart wii steering, like im drunk on a boat all over the place lol

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