We have more active groups for people who use Facebook - can link the groups via DM

We have a few Facebook groups for incels that some people here are in already. This site is more of a proof of concept of expanding these Facebook groups for people who don’t like facebook, and so people part of that experiment hang around longer than on Facebook. This place will likely always be smaller than the FB groups.

about the fb groups

We want the FB groups to be support-centric and not blackpill or fakecel. There are other facebook incel groups for ironic content or noncel content that others can link to you if you do not want a plain support group…

Ideally, users would try to get better in the support groups, then leave or help out, rather than post the same thing for years. And noncels would be supportive. So basically like a support group. If you come for depression, sometimes you have it for years, or even decades but if at some point if it seems like you are purposefully making yourself worse just for a community, or fabricating your condition, theres other groups for that.

We aren’t shadow banned at the moment like all the other groups, so this group ideally we would have new users come in and out

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If you use Facebook let us know and we can link you a support group. Otherwise, this place will also function as a support group, just with less people, and for those who don’t like Facebook.