We could have utopia

Right now is the best time to be alive. We have food stamps, eliminated most diseases, and have toilets and running water. Farming has become easier than ever with machines. Even a poor person has more wealth than ancient aristocracy. And yet we spend every day of our lives living in misery and incel. And its all the fault of moids and phoids.

Males no longer have to live under the oppression of past moids. Past moids would force them into military drafts as peasants and cannon fodder. The draft is no longer in service today, but has been replaced by a new form of oppression, the cold oppression of capatalism.

In cold capatalism, you go to college for 4 years and cant find a job, because they require 4 years of job experience. Then your only choice is to either get on neetbux or go homeless. We live in a hypermasculine moid world where you cannot get the job you want unless you are perfect, have 2 different degrees, 10 years of experience and can speak 3 different languages.

I shouldn’t really say that is hypermasculine. Since lion females are the ones that go out in the wild and hunt. Still life sucks because of male lions. Male lions are always keeping the other males down and making them incel.

Overall I’d say the blame lies with both moids and phoids. Moids make the rules, phoids shame the moids into conforming with their demands. Phoids dont care about incel problems either, and femcels main complaint is having too many dick pics. Phoids are like the henchmen of moids making them keep us down.

also, before some gigacuck tells me how its good that male lions cause 99% of incel, because survival of fittest or some shit, let me say this.

there are only 39,000 lions left in the world, male lion oppression hasnt done jack shit in terms of evolutionary benefits, it has made lions stagnate and not keep up pace with the war machine that is humanity.

also people who claim to be empaths who are worried about lions going extinct and shit, you are really more like an adult child stuck in ego attachment; if you were truly empathic you’d be relieved that one more shitty incel society is going down the drain and getting rid of incel oppression.

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You have a point, yes.

I don’t think we’ll ever have utopia because brutal human nature is to shit on other human rivals to make yourself feel better. It’s why true communism cannot ever realistically exist.

i dont think we need true communism or to erase human nature that much, maybe just bend it a little so that incels are not socially mocked anymore. Human nature is inherently selfish and capatalistic and does not care about incels.