We are all young Brad Pitts in Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines

I’m not sure if I have the right to post here any more as I now have a wonderful Filipina girlfriend, really beautiful inside and out.
But I do want to encourage anyone who is open minded to look in these countries. Sure, there are scammers but there are two simple rules to follow which help greatly.

  1. Don’t send money to anyone you have not met yet.
  2. Insist on speaking regularly on live cam.
    And no, these ladies are not pushovers or Madama Butterflys. They will give you the most amazing love and respect, but they expect the same back from you, and if not, you are in trouble!
    As for finding her (or him if that’s your preference), there are plenty of groups on Facebook, just tap in Filipina or Looking for Filipina etc. etc.
    Best of luck

okay, uh welcome to incelistan Seitt/Simon.

I’m not open minded enough to look for a mate in Thailand, Cambodia or the Philippines. but thanks for letting us know.

All? Only the white guys bro

So I happen to know a couple of guys who married filipino women. They’ve told me, and even normies have told me that if I really want to get married, I should consider doing this myself at my age. However I have my own grievances with this. First off, because I’m so entitled that I can be picky at my age, the honest truth is I’m just not attracted to asian women. I’ve tried not to not be attracted to them, but they just don’t do it for me.

The area I live in, we have quite a large population of filipino’s, and to be perfectly honest, and as racist as this is going to sound, I find the filipino women to be angry all of the time, not very courteous, and can be even down right rude. So many of them work in the service industry, so it’s quite frequent to come across them in daily errands. They honestly just turn me off, and I don’t understand what men see in them.

Now two of the men I know who married filipino’s, they’re brothers, also in they’re late 30’s and early 40’s when they married. The first brother, the younger one, he met his bride who was already here in North America, but her visa was about to expire before she had to go back to the Philippines. He married her so that she could stay, and it was nearly two years of a lot of legal work, plus a lot money not only to keep her in the country, but her son. Yes, that’s right, she already had a son from a previous relationship. I lost touch with these guys for a number of years, but ran into another mutual friend of ours, and he told me that the older brother was also now married. He found himself a woman overseas and brought her over. However he said everyone was worried for him, because he disappeared for a long time, and was sick, only showing up after almost a year looking very different. Both of these men are bigger men, the younger being morbidly obese. He slimmed down a lot after that year long absence. The other brother confessed that he was worried about him, and that he didn’t trust his new wife, as he and the rest of the family believed that she was poisoning him to make him lose weight. Poisoning how, and with what, I can’t tell you. But our mutual friend told me that the situation was not good, and that everything about the marriage seemed sketchy.

Perhaps this is just one rare story, but the fact is, mail order brides can be dangerous. Don’t fool yourselves into believing these women love you, they love that you are able to bring them into a western country. This also applies to eastern European women from say Russia or the Ukraine. The big problem with those women, is that once they come over to America or Canada, they change and adapt into how western women act; you essentially become their sugar daddy, and they will cheat on you for someone better looking, and with more money. Lot’s of the eastern women usually end up divorcing their husbands that initially brought them over, paid for all the legal fees for immigration, put them up in their homes, paid for their lavish lifestyles, only to be divorced and left for broke. I’ve heard about this a lot, especially considering my heritage is eastern European, so word travels fast.

My fellow brothers, don’t go this route. You’re better off being alone than spending all of your money on women who will never really love you, and just want something from you, which is only money.

I thought you were against MGTOW?
I mean either way, you do you. that’s good advice and I won’t argue with it, it just sounded very mgtow-ish.

Well it’s better advice than most give around here.

Modern Western females are practically unsalvageable and nonredeemable.

I’m not against MGTOW, I just believe that MGTOW isn’t compatible with people who identify as incel. Coach Red Pill once said the same thing, and I don’t always agree with his teachings or methods.

MGTOW makes sense for the divorced man, the guys who’ve been ruined by women through marriage or long-term relationships, their children taken from them, paying alimony, and having their lives destroyed by women. Jordon Peterson was very much on the same page, at first he didn’t understand MGTOW and condemned it. However after be re-educated on the subject, he understood it, that men who have been burned just don’t want to pursue relationships with women, and for them, it made sense. That right there is the biggest difference between MGTOW and incel, and why they’re incompatible. MGTOW men have had relationships, they’ve dated, had sex, been married, etc., Incel’s have not.

Telling an incel to go MGTOW, is like telling someone who’s never eaten ice cream before that ice cream may look and taste good, but in the end will make you fat, and kill you with bad health. Someone who’s eaten ice cream telling you this has every right to say these things, because they’ve experienced it. However even though they tell you not to eat it, you having never tried it, and it’s so tempting, and everyone else “normies” are saying how good it is, that you need to try it, how can you not want to have a little taste, if only just once. That craving will never go away for the ice cream, as will wanting a relationship is for Incel’s. No matter how much MGTOW sounds like a good idea for us, it’s difficult to try and escape that temptation we biologically crave. I think MGTOW’s have evolved differently in the sense that the desire to be with a woman has been forever ruined for them them. They’ve had too much of the ice cream, that it makes them utterly sick now.

I think incel’s need to find some sort of MGTOW-light, where we just do what we can. I mean, what else can we do, other than go online and bitch and moan about our problem, go to escorts, and do our own thing that can make us somewhat happy, if only a little.

Why not?

Well said.

It’s difficult for Incel to be fully MGTOW if that person has been Incel their entire life and never even had one chance.

well, I think theres a lot to be said about a culture gap between people. I think it’s hard enough to understand peoples motives and trust them in one culture let alone trying to learn about a person and their background.
that’s sounds like I’m not willing to learn or grow as a person in order to find someone, and that’s not what I mean.
I’m not sure what I mean. I’m not completely against the idea, it just makes me uneasy.

how about you? would you go looking out of county, or even off of you continent for a mate?

okay, I see what you mean. someone can’t hardly “go they’re own way” when they’ve never changed direction.

I wouldn’t do it exclusively for a mate, but if I connect with someone on another continent, I’ll let it slide. :smiley:

Well if the possibilities of finding a mate on the same continent were basically zero, you’d probably be more receptive to the idea.

fair point.

Not just the white guys. It is true that quite a few Filipinas tend to have a thing for white skin, just as many guys of all races have a thing for blonde hair, but there are many exceptions. I certainly know of black guys happily married to Filipinas.
I can’t speak for Thailand or Cambodia though.

I’m not advocating mail order brides. The only way is to go to their country and spend a month or two living together and then make your decision freely. In most cases they will be happy to oblige, believe me!


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I’ll be the first to call bullshit on this. Sorry that this is my first post, but its true.
We are not Brad Pitt over there.
We are walking ATMs over there.
I’ve been to Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines.
SEA girls do not like white men, they actually hate them. Most of the time you will be ■■■■■■, usually by a SEA boy. They will use you for money, and the minute you stop spitting it out like a broken vending machine, they spit you out like a chewed up piece of gum. Sorry to burst your bubble guys.
I went over there but due to medcel issues penis couldn’t ever enter vagina. I loved being held, caressed, kissed, all of that. I had plans on getting a penis implant until the cancer hit. Now I am back in America. I’ll NEVER go back over there. NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER.
Those bitches stole thousands and thousands and thousands from me. vapid ■■■■■■ stay away stay away stay far away. Yes I am the same landofclowns from incels dot net. Im the gypo dirtbag

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welcome to incelistan Landofclowns.
sorry to hear about your medical issues.

I’m broke. Also