Watching pandemic on Netflix

Seems like a good time to watch the documentary. It’s really interesting.

strange that russia and india have only 200 cases while america and europe has thousands.

india has some of the worst hygiene and pollution of the world. russia not known for their hygiene either. Very strange.

Yeah they both reporting around 250 cases each. There are different factors. This is an air borne illness and contact illness. So I think the biggest factor is that once it gets to community transmission it’s going to explode in places like the USA because a lot of people take the train, bus ect and work in closer contact with people. Also USA are more social with extra events and schools that will spread the illness. India schools are not free. You have to pay for your child to go to school. So if your poor your kids don’t go to school and they don’t really have public transportation. With the pollution a lot of people in India already wear masks which could be helping too. Another factor is that India and Russia aren’t actually testing or reporting cases. I did a flu clinic in India a few ago. They don’t have health care for most of their people. Only rich or wealthy can access health care. So for the people who live in villages they aren’t going to be tested or have access to health care because even with the flu they don’t get access. They also lack medical equipment, supplies and health care workers. They don’t have the infrastructure to handle it or even test for it.

India is very overpopulated. What is your explanation for crowded India not having the virus?

You are saying India is primitive to the point where they don’t even report corona cases at all?

I’m sure they have many more cases then they are reporting. Yes.

India is very very very poor. The poorest place I’ve been to. It’s quite heart breaking. But those living in small villages and “slums” are realistically not going to be tested when they can’t access other basic health care.

I believe they are poor but it doesn’t seem like the full explanation to me.

India has 3x as many hospitals as America does, doesn’t make sense that they aren’t reporting the virus.

" According to the latest (2017) National health profile from MoHFW says the number (…), the number of government hospitals is 14379 with 634,879 beds between them."

America has 5,627 hospitals and 931,000 beds, a decline from 1.5 million in 1975.

Your link didn’t work. But I’m not sure. When I was in India they didn’t really have many hospitals and the ones they did have were for wealthy people.