War aesthetic Videos and tangential topics

Post stuff about wars in general. Don’t try to get political or be invested in sides or alliances and just talk about experiences.

Ernst Jünger’s “On Pain” also would suggest “Storm of steel” but I havn’t read that yet.

Some war aesthetic videos

Throughout the war, it was always my endeavour to view my opponent without animus, and to form an opinion of him as a man on the basis of the courage he showed. I would always try and seek him out in combat and kill him, and I expected nothing else from him. But never did I entertain mean thoughts of him. When prisoners fell into my hands, later on, I felt responsible for their safety, and would always do everything in my power for them.

Also from Jünger.

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War sucks but movies and videogames glamourize it.

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War is horrible.

Just more crap, garbage and misery that males are expected to go through in life.