Wamen will claim to be an “ally” of non-binary but then shit on their ideology. “Ally” while demanding all men embrace stereotypical social norms of masculinity while claiming that this is what all wamen want.

Wamen demand men conform to a rigid box of masculinity, meanwhile women can wear tracksuit pants and t-shirts and be embraced by male society. Most men are cucks n simps, everything they do is to conform to wamen’s approval of what a man should be.

When you demand an upgrade of evolution, such that enhancing men to be beautiful such as this picture:

you will get shat on by many wamen and womyn, who claim they want real men and ogres, but if you are a real man and cis ogre, chances are you will be rejected by most wamen anyway.

wamen will defend the status quo at all costs, even defending cities and overpopulation, even defending cell phones even though cell phones will cause mass extinctions and drastically reduce human quality of life.

This is the kind of existence that wamen want for men:

Of course, not all women are wamen and womyn. There are some women out there who embrace femboys and superior male dna. And want humanity to evolve and prosper, instead of reinforcing toxic masculinity memes.

Imagine a world where men are actually happy with themselves, and have equality of dating, instead of being ogres with a chip on their shoulder. Imagine a world that is not shrek society and men are not cretins.

If every man was granted a woman at the age of 16 we would be far happier. We wouldn’t need to conform any kind of social norm in order to attract the opposite sex as would already have a woman for us. It’s basically communism considering men are the working class, women are the owners of the means of production, and sex is the product.

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not having a girlfriend causes male unhappiness. however, society will never allow arranged marriage to take place. This is because women are repulsed by most men so the idea of every man getting a girlfriend offends them. best thing is to upgrade male dna to be beautiful. However that will eventually run into the same problem, some women will say they are repulsed by beautiful men and demand ogre men (shrek society.) No matter what you do something will try to interefere with the happiness of males.

As you said yourself, your plan is a failure because you’re ultimately trying to give women what they want, so they’re still in control. You wish to turn males into anime-ish lesbians because you believe it is what females will enjoy. Stop that. Stop thinking of what females want. Think of what YOU want and go after it.

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My plan will benefit both males and females. I dont want to be ogre male and I think most males don’t either. The males that defend the ogreness tend to be unhappy and walk around with a chip on shoulder. Males typically lack confidence as well and have to learn it through redpill books. Throughout society you will find women that embrace the glitterpill and other women that spread redpill and bluepill (ogrepill) idealogy. Either way, if you embrace ogrepill or embrace glitterpill, some women will be upset. I embrace glitterpill because I just would be much happier not being smelly ogre, and I don’t want to have a planet where males have to constantly reincarnate as smelly grumpy ogres (shrek society.) Ogre societies always inevitably result in female control of dating since males dont have inherent smv (the smv is imaginary and from women.) And the males in such societies lack self esteem so they always end up catering to female domination of smv.

I feel like this is about me…

Its a possibility. However you are not the first female I encountered that said such things.

If a male wears a dress society laughs and mocks. But if women wears a tie and pants society gives thunderous applause. Male fashion has declined since the 1700’s, women brainwash males into teaching them that they must wear grey, white, blue or black colored clothes or else are not given smv.

1600s fashion of males:

modern fashion of males:

The obsession with sports/athleticism is part of a slave breeding program, emphasis on muscular males that do not question society, for better work productivity

I don’t think it’s limited to blue, black, grey or white. Men can wear colours. I’ve bought men coloured shirts as gifts.

Then I guess this thread isn’t just about you, but society in general.


If you had a wife granted to you at 16 you could wear whatever clothes you like because you wouldn’t need to comply masculine patterns imposed by society in order to get a wife.

Females turned you into a slave. You either do what they want or you don’t get sex/love/care/acceptance. That’s why we’re here: We can’t give women what they want so we’re seen like useless dogs.

The greediest capitalist in this world isn’t as evil as a regular western woman.

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This is actually a good point.

Something that I have noticed when I ventured into the world of normies to complete my education in mostly 2018 and 2019 is that males tend to have stricter dress codes. Females bitch and tattle on you if you aren’t dressed properly.

In many institutions, men must wear a suit and tie, or at minimum a dress shirt. Females often have more freedom to wear what they want. I know this because in 2018 early in the program I was placed in this cuccked Catholic school, filled with workaholic females and cuccked males. It was a depressing atmosphere to behold (and I actually had a rough start and got “transferred” to another institution). The dress codes appear to be much more narrowly defined for males.

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If you are good at your job then you do what you want, dress as you please. Otherwise shut up and follow the normie trends

never followed normie trends, never have, never will

Females don’t have to be good at anything to get what they want.

You may as well simp your way right out the door.

Have to be a good manipulator

They’re born with this skill already at cap level.

Females are shit manipulators. Just fap and they will hold no power

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Finally he says something based.

both of u are cloping