Violent warlord chimp society, VS passive violent bonobitch society

Here is the two type of societies humans prodominately create. A patriarchal, polygynous, violent warlord society. Some examples of these societies are liberia, somalia, honduras, el salvador, brazil, some parts of eastern europe. These societies are usually small tribes/families/villages ruled by one violent alpha male, where the alpha is very violent and has to fight off rival beta males trying to become alpha, alphas die a lot and are replaced quickly.

The sexond human mode of society is the bonobitch society. This is usually a ‘‘higher’’ society mixed with capitalism, communism, socialism, it usually takes place in big cities where intellectuals and artists are. This society is ruled by non-violent passive alphas, who have a sexual monopoly on all the women, and the women in these societies use violence on low status omega and beta males, punching down and violently defending the passive alpha. Some examples of these societies are sweden, france, tokyo, london, paris, toronto, LA, NYC, etc etc…

There are only two modes of human existence.

Chimp mode: Violent alpha who has a monopoly on the females and maintains it through violence.

Bonobo mode: Passive alpha who has a monopoly on the females and the females maintain it through violence.

chimps and bonobos have same dna its like same species pretty much. humans dna is closest to chimps and bonobos.


Brazil fits the latter description much more than the former. Unfortunately we are too similar to the US regarding politics and social movements, which are the worst parts of the US.

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