Vice president of the National Coalition for Men murdered a few days ago after defending a victim of a false rape report

“The investigation is ongoing and the motivation behind the shooting remains unknown, the office said.”

"The case he was working on was County of Mariposa v. JDC Land Company LLC, where he was representing JDC Land Company and owner Jerry Cox pro bono.

Cox, who had been falsely accused of rape in 2015 and had those charges dropped in 2017, sued the county, accusing officials of conspiring to seize his sprawling 400-acre Bison Creek Ranch property, according to the Merced Sun Star.

In the case Angelucci was working on an appeal with Ronda Kennedy before the California Supreme Court arguing for the rights of landowners ‘against government sanctioned theft of private property by way of underregulated receivership laws’."


why was his land being taken? I don’t understand

I don’t really understand it either to be honest.