United Kingdom begins enforcing involuntary celibacy on all its citizens in effort to improve health

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just lol if you take any of this shit seriously, truth is it hasn’t been enforced here at all

ppl were rioting here just like USA past week ffs

why were people rioting?

why do you think?

job loss?


the answer is the most obvious one you can think of



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Retarded bull shit, as always.

I love watching these people think it’s justifiable to riot over one abusive cop without any concrete evidence the abuse was racially motivated, but incels have no excuse nor right to make a fuss.

It doesnt matter what race they are, police brutality is inexcusable and rule of law applies to cops.

People are generally unhappy and ready to riot.

Although most people are racist of white people, and if a cop killed a white person, I’m not sure there would be riots. Though its a possibility.

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even as far out as Lithuania (east Europe) there were BLM protests (And basically there are no black people in Lithuania, truly crazy world)

On another note just LOL if you think the gender ratios aren’t completely fucked in the west, look at the number of cute, bored Lithuanian girls all just wishing they had a nice Chad/Tyrone to fuck them.

Look at pictures of protests in USA or UK, full of sausages.


Gender ratios are the same, the amount of babies outputted by the womb tend to be male and female.

Lithuanian girls are just more outgoing I guess.

Are you sure?

I assume females make up the majority of most of these protests because they fall victim to groupthink much more frequently.


I don’t know maybe you (and the other guy that replied) have the extreme good fortune to live in a place where gender ratios aren’t that bad. If so hang in there you have already been thrown a good bone in the battle with incel/tfl/FA.

If you saw the new incel documentary you’d be aware that bad gender ratios are a key factor, I can tell you the ratios in East Europe absolutely better than in the majority of the sausage fest that is the west.
@DarthDva actually there are factors that determine whether male or female is born, highlighted in new documentary

I think it’s more just the fact I rarely leave the house, except to go to school, in the recent past years. So what I see is a majority of females at University.

I don’t live in any such good place for incels. Canada is one of the very worst in the world for incels.

makes sense, would be incredible oppressive for them to enforce