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That’s true, tbh. I’m not living in the USA, so as long as all of North America does not collapse.

Ahh I see what you mean. USA will be like Weimar Germany, only worse. Lmao, I like the “Weimar, United States” set for your location.

Weimar was literally like proto clown world.

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Canada’s economy is heavily intertwined with the United States economy as well my Canadian brother, symbiotic relationship.

I figure as such. Well, I’m not living in the cities at least.

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But yeah it is notable that if anyone here studies Weimar, Germany, you will see so many parallels between that and Clown World. And we all know what happened to Weimar.

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Please post that in this thread below where we can discuss this further, I have a lot of ideas what the collapse of western civilization or post modern society will look like where I would like to debate it further with you there.


Think Weimar, Germany but within every western nation simultaneously once the dollar [USD] dies overnight.

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The us dollar cannot die since it is already dead.

I assure you, it will die a violent death. The time hasn’t passed yet but when it does watch out below.

again, the us dollar is like an undead zombie. It is an undead, how can it die, it will just continue to follow its steady decline, like a mandelbrot


The decline of the United States dollar has been going on since the 1970s. Tomorrow will mark year forty. All it takes is for the fragile cord to be cut and after that it is all over.

Trust me, I spend six hours a day watching international markets or forcing myself to read economic theory. I don’t just say these things out of hearsay, I’m all about facts, information, or mathematics.

yeah i used to study markets too. It’s really dry stuff, I lost interest in hearing it. They always send you spam emails about FOMO and talking about the financial Apocalypse. Its always just hype and wild predictions and none of it usually ever comes true. Its people making vids going on their soapbox making wild doomsday predictions about things or trying to sell you their seminars and training courses.

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Until it does come true…

Your social collapse, if it does happen will most likely look like this:

a couple gangbangers and dissedents raping and looting for a few days, then a few days later cucks on social media demanding more of a police state in america. That’s about it, that’s the “big bang” of what this social collapse may look like.

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There won’t be any internet or social media when all of this goes down.

How will this happen? Suddenly the electric grid, sattelites and all cable providers will be suddenly shut down?

The military already possesses along with the government the ability to shut off the internet without even the slightest notice.

and the military will just suddenly turn on its citizens like why?

Because they’re paid mercenaries for hire and because they’ll want to continue feeding their families.

yeah so the Gov just gives military Order 66 and all these service-men, sworn to protect life and liberty and the citizens of America just turn on them cold-turkey, yeah sorry but i dont see this happening anytime soon

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