Understanding sexual market dynamics, cunts, and the female drive of economic sexual prostitution

This thread will be like a journal of mine exploring female market sexual dynamics of the innate prostitution behavior of women. It will be continuously ongoing.

Let’s start with some introductions of this theory and as time goes on I will write some of my own commentary or input on the subject as well.

We will start this thread with this below.


Sexual economics theory analyzes sexual relationships in economic and market terms.

Women can offer sex or exclusive sexual access to men in exchange for resources.

Women compete by enhancing physical appearance and denigrating rivals’ reputations.

Men compete both individually and in groups to amass resources to exchange for sex.

Because men can compete as groups, male competition is less zero sum than women’s.

Sexual economics theory analyzes the onset of heterosexual sex as a marketplace deal in which the woman is the seller and the man is the buyer, with the price paid in nonsexual resources. We extend that theory to analyze same-gender contests in that marketplace, and to elaborate the idea that what the woman sells is not just sex but exclusive access to her sexual charms. Women compete on sex appeal and on the promise of exclusiveness (faithfulness), with the goal of getting a man who will provide material resources. Men compete to amass material resources, with the goal of getting a good sex partner. Female competition includes showing off her sexual charms, offering sex at a lower price than rivals, seeking to improve her physical assets (e.g., by dieting), and use of informational warfare to sully rivals’ reputations while defending her own reputation against malicious gossip. We review evidence of these patterns, including evidence that female body dissatisfaction and pathological eating patterns increase when women perceive an unfavorable sex ratio (i.e., shortage of eligible men). Men compete in groups to amass resources, so men see other men not just as sexual rivals but also as coalition partners.

I have an entirely different view regarding sexual relationships in that I firmly reject traditional fictions of love and romance altogether. Basically for me women are sexual capitalists or mercenaries where to understand female sexual nature all one has to understand is female hypergamy. Hypergamy is where all women compete amongst themselves for the top thirty percentile of men who are the most powerful, wealthiest, or influential because women are attracted to wealth, social economic mobility, and social power.

For me a woman’s vagina as a symbol of their own social power or influence within society is a lot like an ATM machine where they practically sell themselves off to the highest bidder, the sexual act between a man and woman is where either the financial transaction is accepted or not. Their sexual orifices are a lot like an ATM that you slide your credit card through to see if the sexual transaction is accepted or not. This is the basis of sexual market theory of which philosophically I am devout defender and follower of. Love or romance are idealistic camouflages that women shroud themselves in deceptively to hide their more base instinctual primitive nature and that being the act of sex itself or even sexual relationships themselves is nothing more than an economic commodity along with being an utility to be bought in market exchange.

Until more posts in this thread arrive I leave everybody with a poem written by me. I was trying to make this below into a sort of haiku.

Modern Woman.

She only loves me for my money, occupation, social influence, property, bank account, and wallet, she calls this sexual usury love or romance. I bend her over on the bed and slide a credit card between her legs, in her wet hole I make my biological deposit within financial exchange where her internal lubricant greases my ball sack on the bed. She tells me that she’ll love me no matter what but I know this is untrue upon becoming financially bankrupt.

I’m out of cash on hand where I need to go to the local ATM machine for the vaginal promise land.

Come on baby, take me to the vaginal promise land, look here, I have ample amounts of abundant cash on hand!

Am I financially solvent enough for you, here’s my yearly income statement as proof!

I see the dollar signs in her eyes and that is the only way I can get access between her thighs. I pull up a credit card key pad and hook it up to her clitoris, as I push the buttons it stimulates upon climax.

I want to slap her on the ass but she says that I must be of a very particular specific socio-economic class.

I want her to like me for just being me, but she keeps insisting how love or romance is not free proclaiming that I must pay an adequate sized fee.

Come on baby, I’m just looking for some warmth all alone here by myself, why does it always have to come down to economic individual self worth?

Upon bending her naked body and ass over the bed as I cop a feel on her breasts, she turned around to me with a smile happily, “My love is not free for it is only to rent and own with additional fees. I accept Mastercard, VISA, traveler’s checks, cash, and Bitcoin. If I should ever become impregnated by you I fully expect a diamond ring on my finger per sexual contract and with the children I will own the household as I linger.”

I felt like I was buying livestock or a stubborn mule ass as part of the sexual financial negotiations, but in the end I just wanted to get my dick wet. Having an understanding of each other holding her naked ass with both of my hands with the sexual contract in mind I was all set.

As the sexual intercourse proceeded she kept yelling moaning out upon orgasming, love me, love me! All I could think to myself is that with this hooker or prostitute overtime there will be an endless amount of additional fees.

Upon reflection of future marriage with this prostitute I am merely buying, financially completing, and purchasing the final deed of sexual property which she could end randomly at any time. Why can’t I afford her physical and mental affections on a basic dime!?

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Based and High IQ.

Man, they really should have just shut the fuck up and stayed in the kitchen nice and comfy like, and we would have been none the wiser.

They really fucked this up. If you give them the freedom to do so, females eventually ruin everything, including their own cushy lives.

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Check out my previous edited post above where I include a haiku like poem. :pepecool:

The funniest part is how they think they are strong, independent, and that nobody is controlling them. When all along, they are unknowingly acting as willing pawns in a social engineering experiment developed and executed by, as always, men at the top.

That picture above says it all.

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The fact that women’s sexual instinctual impetus is always drawn to men’s power, dominance, affluence, and social standing ensures that there will always be human inequality, violence, and conflict. This is why sexual equality is fucking ridiculous because there is no reproductive equality, without reproductive equality there can never be any kind of sexual equality between men and women. Even more interesting is how modern feminism discusses sexual equality yet completely ignores reproductive inequality or how women’s sexual reproductive behavior is always predicated on the continuance of male social inequality itself.

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Exactly, and particularly well articulated this time around with the emphasis being placed on the connection between the hypergamous nature of females, which comes FIRST, and THEN the result of that being the potentially destructive struggle between men to reach the top percentile.

It wouldn’t matter if every man became a Chad tomorrow. That means that Chad becomes completely “outmoded”, abundant, and redundant. Then all the Chads must struggle to become GigaChad, which females (no longer satisfied with Chad if Chad becomes average) set as the new level at which Inceldom is avoided. It’s never going to end, and it isn’t the fault of males that such struggle takes place. It is, however, senseless to encourage even more fuel (hypergamy) to be added to the destructive fire as our society has so readily undertaken.

What are your thoughts on the negative correlation between intelligence and reproductive success?

Because let me tell you, I have run into quite a few people in online games, and it always seems like the biggest dumb asses have a girlfriend or even go from one girlfriend to the next. What do you make of that, or just a sign of a sick society?

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To understand women’s attraction to dumb aggressive men you must understand women as sexual predators that exist to manipulate and exploit men for their own personal advantages. This is why women don’t like their men too intelligent, a woman has no use of an intelligent man because the more intelligent he is the harder it would be for her to manipulate him into her constant bidding. Intelligent and sophisticated men see right through that bullshit and false veneer rather easily. She needs an unintelligent man and men like him to twist around her finger in order to get them to do her bidding utilizing that primary value or utility between her legs as a means of doing so. Such men are more manageable by women. What women everywhere like are physically attractive knuckle dragging unintelligent men. They’ll put up with assholes but only if the assholes can be reined in upon controlled by the act of sexual intercourse itself.

For women a man is simply an economic beast of burden or a work mule and they like them unintelligent because such men are easily trained that way with future promises of regular sexual access. Intelligent men are rogues and women can’t manipulate male rogues so easily.

Ever see a mountain ram during breeding season on a nature documentary? The competing male rams will pound each other in ferocious violent displays crackling their horns together. In some cases the male rams are severely injured or end up dying through this mating ritual display. In the background there are the female rams watching or attending in observance ovulating waiting for the victor to emerge offering themselves sexually in return.

Likewise all human violence whether it is the male soldier on the battlefield or the criminal on the street is all about the acquisition of resources for a woman’s sexual reproductive behavior is predicated on a man’s acquisitions of resources or how much he has acquired in accumulation. Likewise the industrial worker who loses life or limb even in a non-violent method of acquiring resources is also utilized by women concerning their reproductive sexual behaviors.

No matter how you cut or divide it women’s sexual behavior is predicated either on male social inequality, male sacrifice, or dangerous male extreme risk where once again the female focal point of sexual equality between the sexes is fucking absurdly laughable. Compared to men women hardly risk or sacrifice anything by comparison.

Technological specialization is essentially the reason along with economic crony capitalism as to exactly why not every man will become a Chad tomorrow. Long ago in ancient times from the primordial to the neolithic a majority of men only needed their fists, hands, and sweat off their brows to accumulate resources for themselves individually which is why a majority males at the time dominated women. It’s simple enough when men are not dependent upon anything other than themselves in making a living independently where all that is required to acquire resources is your own two hands. Yet overtime as organizational hierarchies and specializations emerged from the agricultural period onwards less and less men were able to accumulate resources for themselves where their entire existence became dependent on others for resources reducing them to “civil” or servile rank file in the development of a male underclass working servant caste. As more men became servants, slaves, or “workers” access to sexual intercourse became granted only to the monopoly of men that controlled the organization of the means in controlling those resources.

Fast forward to the industrial era concerning hierarchies or specialization a majority of even more men are reduced to an underclass where the monopoly of access to sexual intercourse with women is extended to an even smaller population of men even worse from the agricultural portion of history up to that point in time.

Now that we live in the digital electronic era of international global communications it becomes multiplied of expendable men reduced to an underclass leaving even a much more smaller controlling caste of men at the top of the pyramid with a monopoly of sexual access to women for reproductive capacities.

What I am alluding to here is that as technological specialization and hierarchies evolve overtime more men become an underclass in expendability leaving a smaller number of men at the top of the social pyramid having exclusive rights or access to a sexual monopoly with women for reproductive purposes. The expendable growing population of underclass men that can’t or won’t adapt to these “innovations” and “social organizations” essentially become cut out from the reproductive sexual pool.

As we drift in time within history with dreams of completely automating every fabric or existence of society with the introduction of artificial intelligence we’ll be left with a world where only five percent of the global male population will have exclusive rights or access in having a sexual monopoly with women for reproductive purposes making ninety-five percent of the male population reduced to an underclass but even as an underclass for all intents or purposes existentially obsolete by technological specialization itself. That is the brave new world of a future we have in store for us where even the Chads of today will be reduced to an underclass tomorrow where only the small population of transhumanistic Giga-Chads are left afterwards. That my friend is what we call the end of human history.

With any luck and something I’m hopeful of is that civilization will collapse internally sparing a majority of us men such a nightmarish future. Upon such an event we have the opportunity to reinstall the natural order away from the corrupt environment we find ourselves in today where a majority of men’s lives have become utterly meaningless or irrelevant.

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Less than 3 days after you join and you’re already featured on inceltears XD

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Neat, can you get me a link? I always say that if you don’t have a good crowd of people hating and cursing your very name you’re not doing it right. I take pride in the hatred of others, it means I am doing something right.

Take pride in that shit, own that shit, and wear it like a badge of honor.


Found it.

He doesn’t know what a haiku is.

No moron, I was trying to say it was like a haiku only within a lengthy extended format.

I wonder where its all the money i suposedly earned as a woman/prostitute.

Well, they do say that women make up the largest consumers having disposable income even more so over men but really I think it is found in the old expression of the working woman today.
“There’s my income and then there is his income as well which is mine also.”

They’ll complain about women being gold diggers and then turn around and say the problem with society is that women aren’t forced into financial dependency.

Make up your minds already.

Hurr- durr, that totally makes sense. rolls eyes

A bunch of unintelligible garbage.


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You know, if the radical feminist bitches, cucked white knights, and the usual beta male orbiters like my poetry so much as to garnish an entire thread after me on Reddit, I think they’re really going to like my artwork. Are you still watching bitches?

images (4)_2

Ahem, Taps Glass

Looking at the history of human civilization as women went from polygamy of being the ancient tribal whore much like any mammal species where females reproduce with several males maximizing reproductive success in the continuance of the human gene pool passed around from man to man within the tribe as the first stages of civilization was created where women were crawling out of caves going from walking on all fours to walking upright the marriage social contract was created in order to limit the violent competition between males concerning female sexual mates and for the social stability of the family unit within society.

Nonetheless even with that the whoredom of women or females was still on full display as traditionally the social contract of marriage revolved around the endowment of a hefty monetary dowry. Up until the classical liberal philosophical and political era women objected to this because men were influential in arranging these dowries whether it was a father or older brothers in the family. It wasn’t the sexual transaction of women selling themselves in marriage to the highest bidder that women objected to where instead it was resented against by women that they weren’t allowed to manage themselves within this monetary sexual transactional process. Classical liberalism came and went in history where women became emancipated to at last manage themselves in sexual transaction within bargaining practices, rather than liberate themselves from this whole sordid affair of sexual markets altogether taking the noble romantic notion of “love” without monetary connotations or attachments they instead continued the whole process of the relationship sexual market apparatus itself where finally being able to manage it themselves. It’s interesting to note that early feminist and Marxist thinkers rarely would hint that the whole biological sentiment of sexual markets, hypergamy, and such were emblems of a destructive male patriarchy or social culture of capitalism, yet even when this was rarely discussed there has never been a communist society where female transactional sexual markets have not been prevalent. In reality concerning the reproductive sexual behavior of women they are indeed sexual capitalists in nature making every female Marxist in human history a giant oxymoron. More importantly understanding female sexual proclivities as nothing more than sexual capitalism we might very well say human females were the very first capitalists since what came first, the woman selling her vagina to highest male provider concerning accumulated resources or the male capitalist purchasing her physical goods? In reality the very first ancient woman of humanity was the first capitalist sexually where men of breeding stock adopted the capitalistic mindset as reaction. Men were forced to adopt that mindset given the sexual reproductive behavior of women in the biological continuance of homosapiens.

Understanding all of that above it no surprise why hypergamy and transactional social sexual markets still exists today heavily dominated by an entire gender devoted to continuing this practice of reproductive prostitution.



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The modern sexual marketplace of hypergamy where women exchange their exotic physical capital for men’s financial capital is an interesting one. It’s a lot like a going to a farmer’s cattle auction where instead of there being cattle bids in terms of buying, selling, or trading there is modern women themselves with an all male public attendance. The difference of course is that actual cattle don’t have much of a choice concerning attendance if they’re sold or not where women on the other hand volunteer in selling themselves to men willingly.

At the end of this transactional spectacle we’re suppose to call it love or romance and not the financial transactional exchange of sexual access that it really is.


So I’ve seen another hate thread on another forum regarding my poetry above.

"Fucking moron, that’s not a haiku, a haiku has three lines only. "

Okay, let’s clarify here. I said a sort of haiku meaning similar but not entirely the same.

I really should of just used the word poem instead of haiku, but whatever.

What’s funny about this, everybody is freaking out over the haiku definition hiccup of my poetry yet for the life of them can’t even grasp the message of my overall poem. It simply goes over their heads. They don’t even want to mentally comprehend the message of the poem where all they want to do is discuss the semantics of definitions instead. Priceless!

Understanding sexual markets, female hypergamy, erotic capital, sexual capital, rent seeking relationships, transactional love, relationship commodification, evolutionary biology, sexual economic utility, and the financial economic manipulation or exploitation of men by women.

“Some men see a beautiful woman and comment on their faces, hips, hair, breasts, asses, or general overall physical figure. Instead when I see a woman I wonder how much she is going to cost me with that price tag hanging over her head and how much money it’s going to take for me to rent, financially exchange, financially negotiate, or purchase her affections.”

If money is the root of evil in men, then women are its root and origins concerning general female hypergamy.

How much of male competition for money, power, territory, and resources the complete result of sexual competition in terms of acquiring reproductive capabilities or privileges?

For all of my observing female adoring fans of my writing, art, and poetry I leave you with this.

“That’s the peril of composing such incendiary prose.”


“muh rock music spreading muh violence.” “Modern MTV to blame for the evils of humanity.”

Jfl at imagining humanity wasn’t savage and violent in the 1700’s, 1800’s, and more.

“if people read muh bible there would be less war”
Jfl at believing the bible is nonviolent and that most wars in the past weren’t caused by religious priests in power.

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@post last edited on Dec 29 " With any luck and something I’m hopeful of is that civilization will collapse internally" (no post numbering system available currently)

You seem high iq but your vision of the future seems perhaps a bit nightmarish. A civilization collapse is probably not going to happen and if it does, males will be of course most of the ones suffering as humans have become so overpopulated to the point there is not enough wild habitat to sustain the human population. For instance hunting has to be regulated by the government since there is not enough deer to go around for the small % of the population that are hunters, so imagine how little resources there will be after a full collapse

Humanity will attack each other and it will be mostly the males will be used as cannon fodder, since women and pussy will be put on a high pedestal as usual. So I don’t see how an early social collapse will help males. However what would be beneficial to males, is that once robots automate most of jobs, then a small-scale social collapse happens as a sort of a new paradigm where males get rights and are treated as equals (sexually) to women

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If the collapse sucks ass then I guess plan B will be to just kill ourselves.

After all, there’s nothing left to look forward to after that happens.

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No, plan B involves doing what the Russia mafia did during the collapse of the Soviet Union and profit off of it handsomely. The collapse of the United States will be ten times worse where I am hopeful. It’s going to be the collapse of the global economy as well which basically means the collapse of the current world order for all you non-Americans out there.