Ultra proof of black pilll

Ultra proof of blackpill, and also proof if males dont femboimax and testosteronemax they remain incel.

thought you liked estrogen, not testosterone.

this thread isnt dedicated to me, i am just being realistic about society as a whole

I always thought getting that surgery that would turn my eyes blue would turn me into a gigachad…

i dont think there is a such thing, you should look into dnamaxxing instead

there is https://edition.cnn.com/2015/03/04/tech/mci-brown-eyes-blue/index.html

however you gotta go to some 3rd world country to get it done

oh. sounds kinda risky though. But u know what they say about risk and reward.

It won’t make you GigaChad, Chad, or even Chadlite. My eyes can’t get much bluer.

hmm have you actually approached ethnic women? In particular asian? I know they love light eyes. I think you told me before where you lived was like mostly white people, you gotta geo-max my man!